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Once a year, Essen transforms into the centre of the classic car scene, when the Techno Classica unites around 180,000 international visitors, thousands of cars and 1,250 exhibitors. Volkswagen was part of the action once again when the biggest vintage car fair in the world was held for the 31st time.

Story "Frugal, strong, and rare"
Volkswagen Ecomobile: the prototype with 0.2 kW (0.272 PS) and a capacity of 25.7 cc lived up to its name on 28 August 1982. During the record drive in Ehra-Lessien, a distance of 1,491 km was covered with just one litre of fuel.
The world of Volkswagen classics: The stand with three themed areas and nine vehicles at the 2019 Techno Classica.
Corrado G60 “record”: one of two modified versions of the pilot series built by Volkswagen Motorsport.
Jochi Kleint: rally ace, first Volkswagen works driver and European Rally Champion. Kleint would happily get right back to business and has fond memories of the record-breaking drive on 20 August 1988.
Like the tour itself, the book on the adventures of automobile journalist Fritz B. Busch remains legendary to this day. Fan Jörg Köhres even has a copy with him as he visits the “Alaska-Tierra del Fuego” Golf in Essen.
Reunion with the “80 Days” Lupo 3L TDI: Jürgen Peters was involved in the development of the model and in the record-breaking drive in 2000. “That was a really great experience.”
A special type of trainee project: restoration live at the Techno Classica.
Fábio Lopes (left) and Marvin Wiethölter are budding automotive mechatronics engineers for system and high-voltage technology at Volkswagen Osnabrück, and are restoring a Type 3 TL from 1968 as part of their training.
70 years of series production of the Beetle convertible: the 1100 Karmann Cabriolet of 1949 is one of the oldest Beetle convertibles still in existence. In the foreground, a rare 1.100 Hebmüller Cabriolet from 1950.
The Golf family: Anna Webelsiep, Christoph Dalchau and daughter Mathilda.
Golf I Cabriolet “Coast” from 1990 at the stand for the 1st original Golf I IG.
Falko Will of Polo IG Deutschland e.V. with his 1977 Derby L.
40 years of T3 and 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall: the IG T3 links two special anniversaries. Leandro Schöttler, Rüdiger Schneider, Tobis Döring (from left to right).

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