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Bernd Perfölz knows them all. And does so intimately: the Trabant, the Polo, the Golf, the Golf Variant, the Passat – and now the ID.3. The reason is that the technical expert at the Volkswagen plant Zwickau started his apprenticeship as a communications technician at VEB Sachsenring Zwickau in 1972 when he was 17. A journey through time.

Bernd Perfölz has experience with all of them: Trabi, Polo, Golf, Golf Estate, Passat, and now the ID.3.

“Everyone really put their backs into it”

In the former "Sachsenring Werke", Trabant and Polo were already produced on the same line in 1990.
Everything is being filled up: brake, air-conditioning, cooler and windshield-washing fluids.
He started it all at the new factory in Mosel: 1991, in the last model year, Golf MK II was built for twelve months in the Free State of Saxony.

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