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Four-wheel fun at the castle

Story: Four-wheel fun at the castle

From history to the future: Volkswagen at the 13th Classic Days at Schloss Dyck

Jewel in the park: exquisite items and dreams of past decades transform the Orangerie Peninsula into an automobile jewellery box, like the 1930s treasures in the Horch anniversary class in the Concours d’Élegance
Whether in petticoats, knickerbockers, racing overalls or elegant head dress, the visitors, some in period clothing, add to the special atmosphere at this classic event. So much so, that a 1925 Horch can almost become an accessory
The ‘Yellow/Black Racer’ special edition from 1973
Brazilian Volkswagen SP 2 from 1974
Freshly-restored: 1980 US Beetle convertible 1303
Knut Schulte and Andrea Kelnhofer are here for the seventh time: “Schloss Dyck is like the Goodwood Revival was ten years ago. Everything is still charming, relaxed, and you can still always find a picnic place. Then we just sit here, check out the cars and meet people. Wonderful.”
Dream companion for a summer excursion: the Volkswagen Type 3 convertible, 1961 prototype
Hans-Joachim ‘Strietzel’ Stuck with the Jägermeister Porsche 962
Golf Mk3 A59 ‘Rallye’: prototype from 1993
The entire Golf A59 was designed to be light: plastic tailgate, rear windscreen and rear side-windows, with a newly-designed aluminium engine block under the lightweight GRP bonnet
Golf A59 reanimated: the so-called Super Golf was finally able to show what it was capable of again at Schloss Dyck
Strong team: Jochi Kleint with the 1987 Golf Mk2 ‘Pikes Peak’
Racing legends: the 1987 Golf Mk2 ‘Pikes Peak’ out on track
The Volkswagen ID. R Pikes Peak set a new all-time record at the 2018 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
Past, present and future: Volkswagen ID. R Pikes Peak at Schloss Dyck
ID. R Pikes Peak: Volkswagen’s first fully-electric racing car made its German debut at the Classic Days