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Volkswagen Group has been converting its Zwickau factory in the Free State of Saxony to e-mobility since 2018. It will be completed in 2020. 1.2 billion euros is the investment in the state-of-the-art location. The three-year conversion is very challenging since it is taking place while production is continuing.

Here we go: These are the first all-electric ID.3 models. They will be rolling off the production line in the Zwickau factory from 4 November 2019.
New logo being applied to the ID.3: "and it fits!"
Reinhard de Vries, Managing Director of Technology and Logistics at Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH: “It's like changing clothes while standing in the closet.”
The extension of the press facility under-construction.
The new body storage facility will be built here. At 40 meters, it will be the tallest building on the factory grounds.
The new logistics hall is being built here on an area of 13,000 square meters.
The new body construction for the ID. models ...
... while the Golf Variant will continue to be built until mid-2020 alongside the conversion of the Zwickau factory to the fully electric ID.3.
All 8,000 employees at the factory are being trained for the production of the ID.3.

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