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Thrilling: The IdeenExpo – Europe’s largest natural science and technology event for young people – attracts more than 300,000 visitors every two years. Volkswagen will showcase some unbelievable exhibits that will entice people to climb in and take part.

Heading to the IdeenExpo in Hannover: During the exhibition, Volkswagen will present a transparent e-Golf, called eGon, that can even drive! This unique vehicle will enable visitors to see the technology that is normally hidden beneath the car’s metal skin.

Turning the hidden into the visible

A quick glance shows you just how complex the inner-workings of an e-car are. The “transparent” exhibit eGon (left) for the IdeenExpo 2019 is parked next to the e-Golf that was built at the IdeenExpo 2017 with the help of visitors.

Less is more

Justin Pausch, a young person in the third year of his automotive mechatronic training program, looks over the exhibit with his trainer Tobias Dieninghoff (from left).
Trainer Tobias Dieninghoff with the three automotive mechatronic trainees Max Bödeker, Justin Pausch and Malte Neumann as well as with the construction mechanic trainees Marcel Pfeifer and Erik Walther (from left). Not present at the photo shoot with their exhibit for the IdeenExpo were: Justin Lüdke, Lukas Buka and Kristian Boehling.

The exhibits are the stars