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The c-youth soccer team of VfB Peine was involved in an accident on the way back from an away match. Eight people were injured, and the team bus completely destroyed. Volkswagen Group supports the club with a new team bus. Meanwhile all players are healthy again and we visited the team in Peine, about 45 kilometers east of Hanover.

Story "Fairplay and a bus"
Jubilation for VfB Peine’s C-Youth Team: The 2019/2020 season only became possible thanks to the sponsored team bus
VfB Peine’s C-Youth Team players pack the bus.
The white T6 on the road to an away game.
Good spirit and anticipation for the game: on the road with the bus.
Christoph Hasselbach, Coach: “This support from Wolfsburg is a fine example of excellent sportsman's spirit.”

Comments by the players:

Yusuf Capan, 14: “We train three times a week and have a competitive match every weekend. It takes a lot of time, but I love football. I really enjoy playing football with friends. Of course, I think it’s great that Volkswagen now sponsors our bus. After all, it’s the only way we get to our many away games. I wish I could win all the games and gain promotion!”
Marcel Fichter, 13: “We are already a good team. In the meantime, we’ve even won against better teams! The accident was shocking, but now we’re looking forward. I’m really happy about the bus.”
Melvin Oppermann, 14-years old: “I think it’s a very nice gesture that Volkswagen gave us the bus. This really shows Volkswagen’s social commitment here in the region very clearly. We really couldn’t wish for better conditions to have sporting success now as well.”

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