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More than 1,500 candidates had applied. On April 1, 2019, the first 100 participants officially started the innovative program “Faculty 73.” In two years’ time, they will start as software developers for the automotive industry.

Story "'department 73' is moving"
Programming with Lego vehicles: a practical start to Faculty 73
Happy, but also expectant: the 100 participants in Faculty 73’s first year group at the AutoUni in Wolfsburg, with Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil
Talking shop at the PC: Gunnar Kilian (left), Hubertus Heil (left, sitting), Christopher Kleemann (right, sitting), Bärbel Höltzen-Schoh, Ralph Linde, Bernd Osterloh and Klaus Mohrs (right)
Four of the 100 participants: Lorenz Müller, Stephanie Ondrusch, Sadik Altuneriten, Steve Bartels (from left)
Sadik Altuneriten (35)
Steve Bartels (33)
Lorenz Müller (31)
Stephanie Ondrusch (35)

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