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Pole position for savers: Already in the 1980s, an innovative set of fuel saving options was available for Polo, Golf, and Co.

Story: Economy Formula E
Please follow the arrow. Smart savers were able to shift gear at just the right moment thanks to the illuminated arrow symbols in the instrument clusters of the Formula E models.
One, two, three … E! Boldly positioned on the gear knobs of the Formula E Volkswagen models, the E marked their highest gear. Pictured here: the Polo gear knob.
The button for the shortcut command: neatly integrated into the right-hand steering wheel stalk of the Passat and Santana was the switch for the stop/start function. Conveniently and securely within reach – it was easy to get used to.
The E emblem: the unmistakable yet unobtrusive lettering indicated the fuel-saving models from Volkswagen – as did the rear spoiler on the Passat shown here.