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With loud drums and dazzling laser lights, the latest and smallest member of Volkswagen’s SUV family introduces itself in Amsterdam – the T-Cross. “I am more” is its motto and with that much confidence, you get to celebrate three world premieres: Shanghai, Amsterdam and Sao Paulo. But let’s go to the Netherlands, first!

World Premiere of the all-new Volkswagen T-Cross in Amsterdam
World premiere is Amsterdam’s SugarCity
Stephan Woellenstein, CEO of Volkswagen brand in China, presents the T-Cross in Shanghai.
The T-Cross in the tall rooms at SugarCity
For the first time, Ralf Brandstätter presented a world premiere in his role as COO.
Cara Delevingne posing on stage with Ralf Brandstätter
After-Showparty in SugarCity.
The T-Cross will be available in 12 colors