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The pilot line for battery cell assembly in Salzgitter is running. Lithium-ion battery cells are produced in the state of Lower-Saxony, about twenty kilometers south-west of Braunschweig. The “Center of Excellence” plays a key-role in Volkswagen Group. With copy, one video and five info graphics we give you the eighteen most important answers.

Story "Battery cell: Pilot line started"
They've been working on it for a long time: Thomas Hoffmann (l), Battery Cell Manufacturing Processes, and Frank Blome (r), Head of the “Center of Excellence for Battery Cells”.
Lithium-ion batteries are not only the first choice for smartphones, they are also used to store electricity in electric cars.
A closed loop that ultimately reduces the environmental impact to the greatest possible extent: At the end of the car’s life is recycling. A pilot recycling facility for lithium-ion batteries is currently being established at the Volkswagen site in Salzgitter.
The experts at Volkswagen have the entire value chain of a lithium-ion battery firmly in focus, from the extraction of the raw materials to their use in the vehicles. While the classic procurement focus was on purchasing in Europe and China, it is now in Australia, Congo, South America, and China