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Story: Baltic Sea Circle: ice-cold around the Baltic
Baltic Sea_1
Baltic Sea_2
The ‘Power of Adventure’ team is ready for the off: Sebastian, Jonas and Lucas show that hats are the epitome of style.
Baltic Sea_3
15-years old, 98,000 kilometres on the clock and not tired at all. The ‘Champagne Supernova’ team’s Touareg.
Baltic Sea_4
Fascinating scenery in Northern Scandinavia: Ice floes in the sunset.
Baltic Sea_5
Petroleum stove idyll below zero: dinner time for the adventurers from Dresden.
Baltic Sea_6
Mountains and the sea: The Touareg and its drivers enjoy the icy atmosphere.
Baltic Sea_7
Champagne at the North Cape: Arndt (right) and Boris raise their glasses to the spirit of adventure.
Baltic Sea_8
Picturesque fisherman’s huts: The ‘Power of Adventure’ crew celebrate themselves and the beauty of the Lofoten Islands.
Baltic Sea_9
Off with the tyres, on with the spikes – the green Touareg mustn’t end up in a ditch.
Baltic Sea_10