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 ‘An Unser always wins’

Story: ‘An Unser always wins’
In 1956, Bobby Unser set a new record with a time of 14 minutes and 27.0 seconds. As in the year before that, his uncle Jerry had prepared the racing car.
The premiere – with his win in 1934, Louis Unser, Senior., laid the foundation for his family’s unrivalled series of successes.
Rare image – in 1946, Louis Unser competed with a Maserati 8CTF rather than an American racing car. And he also won with the Italian vehicle.
In 1951, Louis Unser only managed to take fourth place – here in the George’s Corner stretch.
The next generation – Bobby, son of Jerry Unser, Sr., competed for the first time in Pikes Peak in 1955.
Al Unser not only won the mountain race on Pikes Peak – here his second win in 1965 – but also the Indianapolis 500.
Comeback at the age of 52 – Bobby Unser competed again in 1986, winning once more in the Audi quattro and taking back the track record.
Next, please – Bobby Unser’s son Robby continued the family tradition, winning in 1992 but losing to Paul Dallenbach in 1993 (photo).
Jeri Unser was the first female family member to compete in Pikes Peak. In 2003, she set a record in the still somewhat new class of electric vehicles.
Eternal record – Leonard Vahsholtz won two classes in 1993: ‘Super Trucks’ (photo) and ‘Sprint Cars’. Competing in two races has been banned ever since.
Leonard Vahsholtz’s son Clint competed on a motorcycle and in a car (1999 in the photo). Together, he and his father clinched 32 class wins – more than the Unsers.
Toyota driver Rod Millen set a new time record on the fully unpaved route in 1994, which was only beaten once the route had been partially tarmacked.
Nobuhiro Tajima of Japan also competed in a two-engine vehicle, falling short of a victory in the Suzuki in 1993.
Tajima the ‘Monster’ was very fast again in his own electrically powered construction in 2013. But he lost to World Rally Champion Sébastien Loeb, who set the current track record.
A Coyote built by John Wells competing in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 1992.