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A brief look at the open fun-cars with Volkswagen technology.

Story: The open-top fun cars with Volkswagen technology
The "Flatnose" buggy from Belgian manufacturer APAL, driven by Eberhard Kittler.
The "VW Beetle Hebmüller convertible" had a shorter roof than the regular convertible and less space in the rear-seat. But: chic!
Summer holiday for the whole family: the EMPI-IMP buggy (1966 to 1971).
Although the number of dunes in Germany is limited, Dune buggies were highly sought after here in Germany.
Only a small number of courier cars went to the military. The rest saw a lot of civilian and sometimes lifestyle use.
The polecat in the rare civilian version.
With the winning look of 1980: a replica of the Paris Dakar Rally vehicle.
The Biagini Passo. A mixture between Golf Cabrio MK 1 and Golf Country.
"Biagini powered by Volkswagen syncro" stands on a poster on the nose of the barely known Italo Teutons.
Das neue Volkswagen Beetle Dune Cabriolet
With the Beetle Dune, Volkswagen created a link to the former Baja Bug, which had its home in Southern California and Mexico.
Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze concept car
The T-Cross Breeze anticipated what will soon become reality – an open-top SUV for the odd adventure now and then.