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There are certain people, who breathe life into vehicles. And there are fans, who keep them alive, maintain the values of the brand, and tell their stories. Their passion is often both inspirational and record-breaking. Take the Grundmanns, for example, and their singular collection: So many oldest and original Volkswagen in one place – that is unique in the world.

Story "A lifelong passion"
The Grundmann Collection: hall after hall of rarities, unique specimens, special bodies based on the Beetle up to 1957, and the T1 and Karmann Ghia.
Treasures in the Karmann corner: the Type 34 Convertible once belonged to the Karmann family. The lightblue vehicle is one of eight prototypes. A series production never happened.
His heart beats for one-off, early Volkswagen: Christian Grundmann (left) has been influencing the vintage car scene with his commitment for decades. Jens Meusel (right), who has been involved in Hessisch Oldendorf for years: “The collection is like a family member us.”
From barn find to top condition, equipped with accessories like the oldest KAMEI roof box and decorated with contemporary advertising, road signs and consumer goods – the collection also features charming details and loving presentation.
An exotic item in the collection of official vehicles: the 1958 T1 remains the only radiation monitoring vehicle in Lower Saxony – even today.
The Hebmüller Convertible, No. 5: Christian Grundmann is often given cars, because people know they are in good hands here. The oldest existing Hebmüller model, dating back to 1949, recently starred in the two-part German television series “Aenne Burda”.
The only Rometsch Museum in the world: seven classics from the Berlin coachbuilder are on display.
The oldest combi-van in the world: The 1950 T1 is the earliest-known camper van, found by Christian Grundmann in the former GDR.
The rare and sporty Porsche collected by the Grundmanns over the years are enough to set anyone’s pulse racing.

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