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Together, Volkswagen and the city of Wolfsburg want to be fast: When it comes to recognizing corona cases. When interrupting chains of infection. And fast when it comes to preventing the possible closure of company departments or public institutions. To achieve this, Volkswagen is setting up its own test containers at its German locations – the results of the tests are delivered by a new center at the municipal hospital in Wolfsburg within 24 hours at the latest. So far, in five cases, corona infections have already been detected at an early stage and, above all, their spread has been prevented.

Story "A high-speed pace to prevent corona infections"
At the walkthrough container: 1,600 Volkswagen employees have already volunteered to be tested.
Company physician Dr. Daniela Kirstein: “Ideally, we know the result within a few hours following the swab.”
This is the way to the test: The containers have already been installed at the Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Emden, Kassel, Salzgitter and Hanover locations. Volkswagen Saxony will follow.
City councilor Monika Müller: “We have trained around 50 employees in tracking and tracing.”