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Thirteen aspiring young talents from all over Germany worked together to create a special car: the Golf GTE HyRACER. As a team, they learned a lot and developed their technical skills. The extraordinary training project was organized by Volkswagen Group Retail Germany.

Story: "A happy end in the Autostadt: Trainees drive to the Wörthersee"
All set: Melina Baden and Leon Molthan put the finishing touches to the car.
Presentation in the Autostadt: the trainees with the Golf GTE HyRACER.
At the wheel: Carmen Härter, an automotive business management trainee.
At the presentation: Konstantinos Tsigaloglou, budding car body and vehicle construction mechanic.
A successful day: while still at the Autostadt, the trainees received an invitation to Wörthersee 2021.