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Yes, we’ve done it – we have reserved an ID.3 1ST 33,000 people from all over Europe have already placed an order for the first model of the ID. family. What motivated them to do so? Seven pre-bookers talked to us:

Story: "33.000 people say: yes, I do!"
Joonas Kiminki (38) will be one of the first owners of an ID.3 in Helsinki. Here the Finnish founder talks about his motivation to place the order in advance.
Karolina Palin from Göteborg has already been driving an e-car for three years. The Swedish lawyer regards the ID.3 as an ambassador of a new generation of e-vehicles.
The Norwegian Leif Harald Uralub wants to use his ID.3 as a daily driver: To get to work and also for the long hauls on vacation.
Darren Fernandez from England is interested in all things high-tech. He currently drives a Golf GTE. Prior to that he had an Audi S3.
David Garabatos from Spain is father of two and wants to get involved with stopping the climate change. That's why he wants to buy an ID.3.
Joonas Kiminki from Helsinki regards the design of the ID.3 as a well done mix of futuristic and functional. In addition, he likes the car, because its no show-off.
Kevin Raths from the German state of Thuringia uses a Golf GTE as a daily driver, right now. He wants to use his ID.3 just the same: for the daily commute to work, on weekends and during the holidays.

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