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Since March 2019 Volkswagen has been testing autonomous driving on public roads in Hamburg with five converted e-Golf. By 2025, a self-driving system should be ready for the markets.

Various sensors on the roof, in the wheel arches and in the front and rear areas, analyze the surroundings with eleven lasers, seven radars, 14 cameras and ultrasound.
In several test phases, each lasting approximately one week, the approximately three-kilometer-long section in the vicinity of the convention center is driven several times a day.
Each trunk contains the computing power of 15 laptops. They exchange up to five gigabytes of data per minute
Alexander Hitzinger (left), Senior Vice President for Autonomous Driving with Volkswagen Group, Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and recently CEO of the newly founded Volkswagen Autonomy GmbH and Helge Neuner, Head of COI Automation at Group Innovation and Head of the Research Department for Autonomous Driving at the Volkswagen Group, in front of the converted vehicles
Story "Autonomous driving"
The five stages of automated driving: How the driver is relieved of the workload
Since January 2019, Alexander Hitzinger has been responsible for the development of fully autonomous driving at the Volkswagen Group.
By 2025, the newly founded Volkswagen Autonomy GmbH as a competence center, aims to bring its own self-propelled system to market maturity.

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