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“Nobody can afford it!”

Electric car costs: An electric car can be as cheap as an equivalent diesel car.

“There are not enough charging stations!”

Charging opportunities: The number of electric charging stations is growing rapidly.

“Charging takes too long!”

Charging time: High-power charging stations already mean short waiting times.

“E-cars can only travel short distances.”

Range: Electric cars are also capable of long routes.

“E-cars are far too dangerous!”

Safety: E-cars are just as safe as conventional cars.

“E-cars do nothing for the climate.”

CO2: Electric cars have the best climate footprint of all drive types.

“Too many E-cars will overload the grid!”

Electricity: E-cars also guarantee safe energy supply.

“It costs jobs!”

The Volkswagen e-offensive is actually securing employment.

“E-cars are a danger to pedestrians!”

Urban safety: The electric car produces artificial sounds.

“They’re no fun!”

Electric cars are not only fast, but also comfortable.

“Electric cars look boring!”

Design: The cars in the ID. family are real eye-catchers.

“There are not enough raw materials!”

Batteries: There is sufficient lithium, cobalt is being used less and less.