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This section contains stories on topics concerning Volkswagen.

  • 10/18/19

    Sweden – Green Car Country

    It is an ambitious goal pursued by Sweden: The Scandinavians want to live in the world's first “fossil-free welfare state” by 2045. For this, CO2 emissions from traffic must be drastically reduced. The prospects are good, but preferences among drivers are a challenge. A country portrait with three infographics.
  • 10/17/19

    Soccer on the virtual field

    German soccer club VfL Wolfsburg has been involved in electronic sports with the help of Volkswagen since 2015. One of the best players: the professional FIFA e-athlete and reigning coach of Germany's national team: Benedikt Saltzer.
  • 10/16/19

    The ID.3’s safety technologies

    The new ‘centre airbag’ should prevent the front-seat passengers’ heads from colliding. Stefan Hagen, who is responsible for side impacts in the ID.3, tells us exactly how it works.
  • 10/16/19

    For jobs and prosperity

    A special relationship exists between the former Volkswagen Group CEO Carl H. Hahn and Saxony and the other East German states. Hahn was head of Volkswagen when the Wall fell in 1989. A retrospective
  • 10/15/19

    Realtime safety with UWB

    From new anti-theft protection to comfort and security applications: Volkswagen presents future utilization areas for socalled “Ultra-Wideband technology” (UWB).
  • 10/14/19

    Labs around the world

    The collaboration between humans and machines is becoming ever more important to the Volkswagen Group. The basic goal of the largest automotive group in Europe is to continue increasing production line efficiency and ergonomics.
  • 10/10/19

    Driving at the limit

    They are driving on a Portuguese race track: Volkswagen development engineers with autonomous driving cars. The independent motor journalist Michael Gebhardt was there and even got in the car.
  • 10/09/19

    New ID.3: ‘Today, safety wouldn’t be possible without simulation’

    To begin with, the new airbag in the ID.3, which inflates between the two front seats, was developed virtually on the computer. How did that work and how did a supercomputer precalculate these crash situations? Ernst Glas, who is responsible for calculation as Head of Vehicle Safety, tells us.
  • 10/09/19

    What’s the ‘idea of the battery’ in the ID.3?

    The safety and lightweight design of the ID.3: Volkswagen’s first-ever full-surface underbody protection is made from aluminium and designed to minimise the drag coefficient (Cd value). This not only ensures efficient driving and optimum stability, but also drastically reduces weight and distinguishes the ID.3 battery construction from that of competitors. Norman Tenneberg, Head of subdepartment High Voltage Battery Housing, Underbody cladding and Wheel Arch Liner, tells us how challenging it was to work on the crash-proof battery housing.
  • 10/07/19

    Volkswagen and its British roots ...

    70 years ago, the British handed over the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg to the Federal Republic of Germany. The date marked the dawn of Volkswagen’s ascent in post-war Germany and beyond.
  • 10/01/19

    „China’s development is impressive“

    China is Volkswagen's most important market worldwide. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the People's Republic, we asked the CEO of Volkswagen Group, Herbert Diess, four questions.
  • 09/30/19

    Silently through the countryside

    Is e-mobility only suitable for short drives in town? The Maribondo da Floresta foundation in rural northern Germany shows that this isn’t the case. We visit an extraordinary business group.
  • 09/27/19

    “The numbers show: our strategy is working”

    Following the launch of the new production strategy TRANSFORM.TOGETHER last year, initial successes are now emerging.
  • 09/26/19

    Camping with the Golf

    Camping is enduringly popular. And it’s true of camping with a Golf, too. The Wolfsburg compact offers smart assistants as options to make travelling with a caravan or a tent even easier.
  • 09/26/19

    From virtual to physical – the ID.3 straight out of the computer

    Ureol – ever heard of it? This wood-like material is used in the development process for passenger cars to create the bodywork for final product decisions. One of the people behind the ID.3 data control model and design experience vehicle is foreman Peter Krause.
  • 09/24/19

    Fairplay and a bus

    The c-youth soccer team of VfB Peine was involved in an accident on the way back from an away match. Eight people were injured, and the team bus completely destroyed. Volkswagen Group supports the club with a new team bus. Meanwhile all players are healthy again and we visited the team in Peine, about 45 kilometers east of Hanover.
  • 09/23/19

    Battery cell assembly: pilot line started

    The pilot line for battery cell assembly in Salzgitter is running. Lithium-ion battery cells are produced in the state of Lower-Saxony, about twenty kilometers south-west of Braunschweig. The “Center of Excellence” plays a key-role in Volkswagen Group. With copy, one video and five info graphics we give you the eighteen most important answers.
  • 09/20/19

    Climate change: nine facts

    Everyone is talking about climate change. But how urgent is it, and how momentous? Nine important facts – and what Volkswagen is doing to limit global warming.
  • 09/19/19

    Finding the right balance between design and construction

    The concepts of design and technical feasibility are brought in line using a digital data control model (DDKM). This visual simulation solution makes it possible to calculate and display the latest stages of development in a fraction of a second. This saves time, and with it money. In episode six of “Becoming ID.” with Stefan Langewellpott, Head of Class-A Surfacing and Visualization, we discuss how exciting it was to be the interface between the design and technology behind the new ID.3, and to calculate and physically reproduce in 3D the light, shade and reflections on the car.
  • 09/18/19

    Comparison: your car vs. the ID.3

    Do the EV Check and find out how your car performs against an ID.3, e-Golf or e-up!. The free “Volkswagen EV Check” app makes it possible to experience e-mobility.
  • 09/13/19

    Little money, large range

    The e-up! is the ideal car for the city and commuters alike: up to 260 kilometers of practical range are possible thanks to the greater energy content of the battery. But this is by no means the only incentive to buy the car ...
  • 09/12/19

    "Very good. Very spacious!"

    Chancellor Angela Merkel opens IAA 2019 in Frankfurt for the public. During her visit to the Volkswagen stand she showed great interest in the ID.3 (1).
  • 09/12/19

    Why electric cars absolutely must emotionalise

    What are the advantages of the new MEB platform for developing the design of the ID.3? How do the fully electric vehicles in the ID.3 family differ from those with conventional combustion engines? And how exactly should an electric vehicle look? Marco Pavone, head of exterior design at Volkswagen, answered these questions.
  • 09/12/19

    33,000 people say: “Yes, I do!”

    Yes, we’ve done it – we have reserved an ID.3 1ST 33,000 people from all over Europe have already placed an order for the first model of the ID. family. What motivated them to do so? Seven pre-bookers talked to us:
  • 09/11/19

    Easy charging – always and everywhere

    Volkswagen is not only developing electric mobility of the future, but also the associated charging infrastructure. This is the only way to achieve a turnaround in mobility. At the IAA, the company will also be presenting a wallbox for home charging.
  • 09/11/19

    ID.3 – a star among the stars

    Gathered photographers are forming a dense cluster, while reporters are holding microphones in the air: just a few hours after its world premiere, the star of the IAA is visited by two German soccer legends: National team coach Joachim Löw and team manager Oliver Bierhoff take a good hour out to visit the fully electric ID.3 in Hall 3 with other members of the ID. Family from Volkswagen. CEO Herbert Diess takes the helm – and explains how the major switch to e-mobility works. “By 2028 we will be launching almost 70 new electric cars onto the market,” the CEO already announced on the previous evening, during the Volkswagen Group Night.
  • 09/10/19

    That's what "New Volkswagen" is all about

    The new brand appearance celebrates its world premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt. We answer the most important questions and show a video with the head of design explaining the new logo.
  • 09/10/19

    The most beautiful impressions of the IAA

    The future is rarely as tangible as at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. Impressions of the Volkswagen brand.
  • 09/10/19

    The future has a name – ID.3

    When Ralf Brandstätter comes onto the stage in Frankfurt, he presents both, the automotive present and the future. Next to him is the ID.3 – the first production model of the completely newly developed ID. Family. “The ID.3 is the world’s first balance-sheet CO2-neutral electric car. It thus sets new standards: For innovative technology, for freedom of individual mobility and for climate protection,” says Brandstätter, Chief Operating Officer of the Volkswagen Passenger Car brand. The basic price is less than 30,000 euros. The ID.3 has the potential to trigger the breakthrough of electric mobility for the masses.
  • 09/09/19

    “The car for the new era is here”

    Just four years after the initial sketch, a car that will take e-mobility from a niche product to the center of society is celebrating its world premiere: the ID.3 from Volkswagen. “The car for the new era is here,” said CEO Herbert Diess at the start of the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. The goal is to combine individual mobility and climate protection.
  • 09/09/19

    E-Mobility is the future

    Volkswagen is driving e-mobility forward more consistently than any other automaker. The Group is demonstrating this at the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt. All the facts at a glance, combined with three infographics.
  • 09/06/19

    IAA: the countdown has started!

    Only a few days left until the IAA: Volkswagen heralds in a new era with the world premiere of the ID.3 and the introduction of the new brand design.
  • 09/05/19

    Creating “airiness” in the interior

    Intuitive and spacious: the new ID.3, with its pioneering open-space interior. Despite sophisticated virtual simulation solutions, an indispensable stage in development is the use of an ergonomic interior mock-up to allow one to sense and experience that spatial feeling. In the fourth episode of “Becoming ID.”, Dr. Gerrit Schmidt, Head of Concept Basics, reveals why the interior of the ID.3 is a “radical” step towards “airiness”.
  • 09/04/19

    “The ID.3 comes at precisely the right time”

    Shortly before the IAA, the target has been reached: More than 30,000 customers have reserved a production slot for the Volkswagen ID.3. Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Board of Management for Sales, Marketing and After Sales with Volkswagen, talks about the dawn of the era of e-mobility.
  • 09/03/19

    The beginning of a new era

    The new Volkswagen ID.3 is making electric mobility suitable for the masses. It will be unveiled next week at the IAA and the first ID.3 will be on the road in 2020. We give you answers to the six most important questions about the car.
  • 09/02/19

    Record at "heavens gate" in China

    The ID.R from Volkswagen sets new standards on Mount Tianmen in China: Romain Dumas manages the 99 bends in less than eight minutes. We show exclusive pictures and a video.
  • 08/30/19

    From the Beetle to the Golf

    In the late 1960s, the world was in flux: traditional values were coming under question. And what about Volkswagen? There it was about more than just finding a successor for the Beetle. Engineers and designers had countless ideas for additional models both small and large. We are here to look back at those eventful times.
  • 08/29/19

    How do you create a basis for a new generation of vehicle?

    Paradigm shift, the dawning of a new era, a reinvention of the brand: the modular electric drive matrix (MEB) represents all of these things. Its conceptual origins date back to long before the market launch – in the pre-development. In the third episode of the series, Bernd Dörrige, Head of Pre-development Platform, tells us why it is the dream job of every developer to create a completely new platform.
  • 08/29/19

    99 turns to the heaven’s gate

    It’s a motorsport adventure: In China on September 2, Volkswagen takes up the challenge of setting a record time with the ID.R on the Tianmen Mountain Big Gate Road. Will it be a record for the ages?
  • 08/27/19

    Mourning for Ferdinand Piëch

    Volkswagen Group pays tribute to lifetime achievement of long-standing Chairman of the Board of Management and Supervisory Board
  • 08/26/19

    It all started with a blank sheet of paper

    Becoming ID.: In recent years, a team of developers assembled from all departments and boasting experts with a diverse range of skills has created a car to herald a new era of environmentally-sound mobility – the ID.3. A weekly series of interviews with the “people behind the project” reveals how progressive, challenging and pioneering their job is. Marco Könnemann, preconcept development for the MEB platform, describes his moments of success and explains why he is now considering having an electric car.
  • 08/26/19

    "We are re-inventing ourselves"

    Volkswagen Group is leading the way with the largest electric offensive in the automotive industry. Ralf Brandstätter, Chief Operating Officer of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, explains the idea of “New Volkswagen” – and why right after the ID.3 the new Golf will debut.
  • 08/23/19

    Stars on Corsica

    German actresses Emilia Schüle, Andrea Sawatzki, and Nadja Uhl took a film-worthy tour through the “Ile de Beauté”. The star of the show: the new T-Cross – the first Volkswagen small car that doubles as an SUV.
  • 08/22/19

    Team spirit powers success

    On Saturday, August 31, the German women’s national soccer team will begin their qualifying campaign for the European 2021 Championship, in Kassel. The city is located in the state of Hesse, about halfway between Frankfurt and Hanover. We spoke to an employee at Volkswagen Kassel plant about soccer, Volkswagen and diversity.
  • 08/20/19

    The crowd pleaser

    The Concours d´Elegance is the final event of the Monterey Car Week. On its so-called “concept lawn”, automotive manufacturers show off their most exciting concept vehicles. The ID. BUGGY doesn’t really fit in with this ensemble, but that’s exactly why it needs to be here.
  • 08/16/19

    Silent on the beach

    As a concept car, the ID. BUGGY excited the audience at its premiere in Geneva. Now, the beach cruiser has hit the shores of California for the first time and is turning heads again.
  • 08/14/19

    Perfect for everyday and adventures

    With the T-Roc Cabriolet, Volkswagen crosses automotive boundaries, combining compactness, a typical SUV seating position and the unique driving experience of a convertible. The world premiere is at the IAA.
  • 08/12/19

    Buggy-cult, worldwide!

    Summer, sun, emotions. The Buggy was the cult car of the 1960s and 70s. On the occasion of the reintroduction of the legend, as a fully electric ID. BUGGY, fans from all over the world show us their beloved classic cars.
  • 08/09/19

    The “Light bus” is back!

    Woodstock – the myth. The Volkswagen 1 – another myth. The two came into contact 50 years ago and shaped an era. For the anniversary of the festival, the painted Light bus is now back on the American highways and byways.
  • 08/08/19

    “We want clean raw materials!”

    One of the biggest challenges facing e-mobility is the sustainable extraction of raw materials. Volkswagen is looking for solutions with start-ups and other partners in a series of hackathons. In an interview, Marco Philippi, Head of Procurement Strategy, discusses the problems with cobalt extraction, supplier ratings and commonalities with the fashion industry.
  • 08/07/19

    Debut at the castle

    A summer festival of all things automotive in a unique atmosphere, with 120 years of living vehicle and motorsport history: From air-cooled to electric – Volkswagen at the 14th Classic Days event at Schloss Dyck, a castle about 20 kilometers southwest of Düsseldorf.
  • 08/05/19

    Soccer instead of fast food

    Soccer is more than just a game. Soccer conveys team spirit, fairness and much more. A project at the Chattanooga location in Tennessee, USA aims to inspire young people towards a healthy lifestyle.
  • 07/31/19

    The California Looker

    In the 60s, Ron Fleming was one of the pioneers of the “California Look”, still the most popular style within the Volkswagen tuning scene to this day. An interview about the initial explosion of the international Beetle cult.
  • 07/29/19

    “Those that give up, have already lost!”

    Volkswagen supported the European Deaf Athletics Championships with a fleet of vehicles – to the delight of the athletes.
  • 07/29/19

    Ready for the road!

    Before they leave the factory, every Passat and Arteon built in Emden is subjected to an important test: the final quality assurance check. We visited the coast and looked over the experts shoulders’:
  • 07/24/19

    “The Volkswagen brand? Super strong and fresh”

    Jürgen Stackmann, Sales and Marketing board member for Volkswagen Passenger Cars, on perceptible changes at Volkswagen, why he stands up for the brand and what he is most looking forward at the IAA in September. The interview:
  • 07/22/19

    From the “Racing Cardboard” to the ID.3 – CO2-free

    Volkswagen is set to build the attractive, affordable e-car for everyone. An e-car for millions, not just for millionaires. To do so, the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau is currently being transformed into the first, largest, highest-performing – and most environmentally friendly – e-factory in Europe.
  • 07/17/19

    Small Car, Boundless Freedom

    Cool, compact, cuddly: the dune buggy still inspires enthusiasm. But what constitutes this very special buggy feeling?
  • 07/15/19

    “Self-driving Cars Present a Great Opportunity”

    Alexander Hitzinger, Board of Management member for Development at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, is responsible for developing autonomous driving at the Volkswagen Group. In an interview, he talks about the cooperation with Ford, technological challenges and future business models.
  • 07/12/19

    "We want to establish MEB as an industry standard"

    Volkswagen and Ford intensify their strategic alliance. In an interview, Volkswagen’s CEO explains the Group’s three strategic goals.
  • 07/12/19

    Together with Ford to the future

    Volkswagen and Ford are intensifying their cooperation in the strategic fields of e-mobility and autonomous driving. Volkswagen has already made some achievements in both areas. An overview:
  • 07/10/19

    From springs and dampers to rotors and stators

    In the coming days, the production of essential components for the new ID.3 will commence at four Volkswagen factories. We explain which parts Volkswagen Group Components builds and where they are produced.
  • 07/05/19

    For the mobility of the future

    Volkswagen is opening the "We"-Campus in Berlin with 900 jobs. Six employees talk about their work for the digital ecosystem Volkswagen We, the traffic in Berlin and their personal motivation.
  • 07/04/19

    “We have to stay on the ball permanently”

    When it comes to cultural change, Volkswagen Group also focuses on diversity – and starts with managers. A special program within the Volkswagen Group is designed to sensitize employees to the topic and ensure that they live diversity within the company. Elke Heitmüller, Head of Diversity Management at the Volkswagen Group, explains what is important here.
  • 07/04/19

    "The smile comes automatically"

    When Klaus Bischoff, Chief Designer of the Volkswagen brand, talks about the ID. BUGGY, he gets enthousiastic. An interview about old vehicles, new design and emotional e-cars.
  • 07/02/19

    Goal: five stars!

    As part of NCAP crash tests, each car must meet different requirements. The requirements vary from country to country. This poses major challenges for international carmakers like Volkswagen.
  • 06/27/19

    "I’ve got 1,500 cars in Berlin"

    WeShare – the pure electric car sharing from Volkswagen – has been launched. Vanessa Petre Linbenciuc has already tried out the sustainable ervice in Berlin. A field report.
  • 06/26/19

    Easy as a smartphone

    Full speed ahead: Volkswagen Group is fully committed to the breakthrough of e-mobility. But there are many questions and sometimes even fears surrounding electro mobility. The most important questions and answers about electric cars and charging.
  • 06/25/19

    24 hours in the Green Hell

    The Volkswagen ID.R captivates 230,000 spectators at the endurance classic. Popular Girls Only racing team dogged by bad luck at the 24-hour race in their Golf GTI. GTI TCR wins two races in the Touring Car World Cup.
  • 06/24/19

    Freedom Festival: Bullis on Fehmarn

    Sun, adventure and a Bulli lifestyle: The Midsummer Bulli Festival attracts thousands of fans to the Isle of Fehmarn. Together they celebrated the summer solstice, their buses and stories.
  • 06/19/19

    Combatting “Charging Anxiety”

    Leaders of the German car industry will meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel on June 24. Their agenda will include the expansion of Germany’s charging infrastructure. We spoke with Professor Henning Kagermann, who chairs the National Platform Future of Mobility (NPM).
  • 06/19/19

    Join in and help out

    At the 2019 IdeenExpo in Hanover, trainees from Volkswagen show how exciting their vocational training really is.
  • 06/18/19

    “Define own software standards”

    Volkswagen Group is increasing its capabilities in the digitization of its vehicles: the share of the software developed for cars is to rise to at least 60 percent by 2025, from ten percent today. The new “Car.Software” unit will be responsible for essential parts of software development for vehicles and cloud platforms in all brands and regions. Christian Senger, member of the board of management of Volkswagen and responsible for Digital Car & Services, explains the new software strategy.
  • 06/17/19

    New York says: "bye bye!"

    In 2019, the Beetle celebrates its farewell with a final edition. On the occasion, Volkswagen invited guests to a farewell event in New York and explained how the car turned design icon.
  • 06/14/19

    "Girls only" are getting ready

    The “Girls Only” team and their Golf GTI TCR take part in the Nürburgring 24-hour race. How does the crew prepare for the mammoth task?
  • 06/13/19

    The new Passat: video with tec highlights

    The countdown has begun – in September, Volkswagen is launching a major technological update for the Passat. The update fundamentally changes the world's most successful mid-range car, which has already sold more than 30 million units. New assistance systems such as Travel Assist perfect safety and comfort and make it the first Passat with the potential to drive up to 210 km/h in partially assisted mode. Once again, the bestseller will be launched as a saloon and estate.
  • 06/13/19

    The new Passat: interview with the project leader

    Presales for the new Passat have started. A young team has taken the task of perfecting the successful mid-range model. The outcome is something to be proud of.
  • 06/12/19

    WLTP gets stricter

    The process will be modified again in September. We have answers on the five most important questions plus a video.
  • 06/11/19

    He just keeps rolling!

    On December 23, 2014, Jürgen Bäumer gave himself the biggest Christmas present ever: he bought one of the very first e-Golfs in Germany. And today? The car just keeps on rolling.
  • 06/07/19

    Attack with a ponytail

    As the World Cup in France kicks-off, women's football is now more prominent than ever. Top players like Alexandra Popp confidently demand the recognition they deserve for their sport.
  • 06/06/19

    „We want a quick success for e-mobility"

    Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Brand responsible for E-Mobility, explains how Volkswagen is driving the breakthrough of e-mobility and which German city has the best charging network to offer.
  • 06/05/19

    Four billion euro for digitalization

    Volkswagen presents the “digital transformation roadmap”: 2,000 digital jobs are to be created, agile working methods improved, and IT processes should relieve employees even more in the future.
  • 06/04/19

    An emission-free record

    The Volkswagen ID.R is the fastest electric vehicle ever to complete a lap of the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife. We have first impressions of the record run, plus two new videos: the complete run from cockpit- and helicopter perspective, amongst others.
  • 05/30/19

    Today, 25 years ago ...

    The Golf is the most successful European car: more than 35 million units of the icon have already been sold since start of production in March 1974. Today, 25 years ago - on May 30th 1994 - the Golf was already celebrated as a star at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg - the 15millionth Golf rolled off the assembly line. Since the start of production 45 years ago, a new Golf has been ordered somewhere in the world every 41 seconds, every day. That is an average of around 780,000 vehicles per year.
  • 05/29/19

    Breaking down the prejudices ...

    The automotive industry is currently in the midst of the biggest change in its history as it attempts to establish emissions-free vehicles across the globe. Electric mobility is a key piece of technology in this process. However, it is still met with a great deal of scepticism. The majority of electric mobility’s critics focus on low driving ranges, a lack of fun behind the wheel, and poor charging infrastructure. So, are these prejudices against electric mobility actually justified?
  • 05/29/19

    Holography in the GTI

    With the Aurora showcar, apprentices from Wolfsburg, assisted by the innovation development team at Volkswagen Group Components, created a 3,000-watt sound system, controlled by way of a hologram.
  • 05/28/19

    Worldwide subsidiaries for e-cars

    In many countries there are incentives for switching to electric mobility: financial incentives, tax savings or bureaucratic advantages. An overview.
  • 05/27/19

    Joachim Löw, Herbert Diess, and the ID.3

    The Volkswagen CEO and the German national soccer coach drive together through Berlin in the all new ID.3
  • 05/24/19

    A lifelong passion

    There are certain people, who breathe life into vehicles. And there are fans, who keep them alive, maintain the values of the brand, and tell their stories. Their passion is often both inspirational and record-breaking. Take the Grundmanns, for example, and their singular collection: So many oldest and original Volkswagen in one place – that is unique in the world.
  • 05/23/19

    Goosebumps guaranteed!

    Romain Dumas chases the lap record for electric vehicles on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife with the ID.R. During the trackwalk, the Frenchman explains a few key points of probably the most challenging race track in the world. In addition, check out our three videos, cruising the Nordschleife with Romain Dumas, amongst others.
  • 05/20/19

    The extent of our cars’ connectivity

    Modern vehicles are becoming ever more digital and intelligent. In addition, all systems and functions have to be networked, so software is playing an increasingly important role. Volkswagen board member Frank Welsch explains how this is changing the way developers work.
  • 05/17/19

    Avanti, Beetle!

    Old cars in the streets and Italians in front of their houses? The Mille Miglia is coming!--We are reporting directly from the road:
  • 05/17/19

    “We must join forces for e-mobility, now!”

    The transition to e-mobility is in full swing, and Volkswagen is one of its pioneers. In an interview, Professor Friedrich Prinz from Stanford University explains what remains to be done.
  • 05/16/19

    The new Golf: with 48V technology

    If not the Golf, then who? The eighth-generation of the bestseller will feature a new electrified drive system. We explain facts and functions of the socalled „mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle“-Systems („mHEV“) with 48 volt technology.
  • 05/15/19

    Showing real strength

    A beacon project at Volkswagen Group is focusing on people with physical limitations who work in production. Read all about the STARK demographics project at the Wolfsburg plant.
  • 05/14/19

    E-mobility as key-element

    With billions already invested, the MEB platform and ID. family are now pushing Volkswagen’s electric offensive forward. We explain the reasons for this straight path.
  • 05/14/19

    Six advantages of the MEB

    Volkswagen has opened its modular electric drive matrix (German abbreviation: "MEB") to other manufacturers. This makes production cheaper, but also offers further advantages. You will find the six most important ones below:
  • 05/08/19

    "E-mobility for all"

    With its new electric models, Volkswagen is taking a new path in sales as well: customers can now pre-book the special edition of the ID.3* – a full year before its market launch. In our interview, Board Member for Sales Jürgen Stackmann talks about e-mobility that is suitable for daily use, sales targets and the start of a new era.
  • 05/07/19

    "E-mobility needs priority!"

    In a joint interview, one of the leaders of Germany’s Green Party, Robert Habeck and Volkswagen CEO Dr. Herbert Diess argue for a consistent collaborative approach to help electric vehicles achieve their breakthrough.