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This section contains stories on topics concerning Volkswagen.

  • 03/31/20

    Chinese customers rely on the safety of their own cars

    Mobility in the city – that also means: little space on the subway, shared taxis, lots of people, in a limited area. In China, there are indications that the corona pandemic is increasing the desire to travel in a protected space. In a recent study by the market research institute Ipsos, two out of three respondents say that they prefer their own car to public transport. Twice as many as before the corona outbreak.
  • 03/30/20

    “On the Chinese market, hope is returning”

    Just two months ago, China was considered the center of the corona pandemic. Meanwhile, there are signs of relaxation, with the car industry also slowly returning to normality. Production of vehicles and components has resumed at 22 of 24 Volkswagen locations.
  • 03/28/20

    “It was clear to us that human lives were at stake”

    It is Monday morning when Anna Levina first learns of her huge task: As quickly as possible the Volkswagen logistics expert and her team are to bring respiratory masks, disinfectants and other medical products from China to Germany. Every day counts because the spread of the corona virus is causing hospitals and doctors’ surgeries to run out of material. The company is therefore donating urgently required equipment. “I had to take a deep breath first,” confesses Anna Levina. “We are used to short-term requests. But this job was special.”
  • 03/27/20

    “We have a sound foundation”

    The corona epidemic poses major challenges for the entire global economy. In an interview with the German daily financial newspaper, Börsen-Zeitung, CFO Frank Witter explains how the Volkswagen Group is dealing with the situation.
  • 03/20/20

    Car2X in the new Golf: A “technological milestone”

    German Automotive Association ADAC tested one of its functionalities, traffic hazard alert, and called it a “technological milestone”. Euro NCAP, as an independent organisation, has particularly honoured it – with the “Advanced Award”, the special award for ground-breaking safety features.
  • 03/17/20

    “The MEB is a decisive plus point”

    The battery is considered the heart of modern electric cars. Frank Blome heads the Battery Cell business unit at Volkswagen Group Components. In an interview, he explains how the modular electric drive matrix (MEB) works and what progress can be expected in battery technology.
  • 03/13/20

    When the vision becomes reality

    During the visit of the Volkswagen Sustainability Council, the Zwickau facility demonstrates how much the transition to climate-friendly e-mobility is transforming the location. The independent experts are impressed.
  • 03/12/20

    The big cost comparison: e-car vs. combustion engine

    The ID.3 is intended to make e-mobility affordable and practical for everyone. For customers, its total costs are already on a par with those of comparable combustion engine vehicles – and even lower.
  • 03/12/20

    Battery or fuel cell, that is the question

    E-battery or hydrogen – what is the most sustainable mobility strategy? We explain where, according to the current state of play, the decisive advantages of the e-drive system lie in comparison to the fuel cell. And why Volkswagen’s decision to consistently promote e-mobility is the right one.
  • 03/11/20

    Seven big misconceptions – E-car fact check

    Expensive, dangerous, unpredictable: there are many reservations about electric cars. We concentrate on seven – and fact check them.
  • 03/11/20

    Lithium mining: What you should know about the contentious issue

    Electric cars are significant contributors to climate protection – but the mining of lithium for the batteries is often criticized. The discussion focuses on the extraction of raw materials in the South American salt deserts. Questions and answers for a more informed debate.
  • 03/11/20

    Fact-finding expedition to the lithium desert of Chile

    Does lithium mining harm the inhabitants of the Atacama Desert in Chile? Repeated reports have been published – but for a reliable overall picture the facts are not available. Franziska Killiches, an expert for sustainable raw materials procurement at Volkswagen, therefore set out to investigate the matter herself.
  • 03/10/20

    „The efficiency of pure battery-electric vehicles is much higher” (Frank Welsch)

    Battery-powered or hydrogen-powered electric cars? In Germany, this controversy never seems to come to an end. But the facts are clear. We explain the significant advantages of the electric drive over the fuel cell according to latest research. And why Volkswagen’s decision to push e-mobility forward is absolutely right.
  • 03/10/20

    Zwickau: flagship of e-mobility

    Angela Merkel was a witness today, on 4th of November, when Volkswagen finally entered the age of e-mobility. In the presence of the German Chancellor and Volkswagen CEO Herbert, the first ID.3 production vehicle rolled off the assembly line in Zwickau, in the Free State of Saxony.
  • 03/10/20

    For millions, not for millionaires

    Volkswagen Group has been converting its Zwickau factory in the Free State of Saxony to e-mobility since 2018. It will be completed in 2020. 1.2 billion euros is the investment in the state-of-the-art location. The three-year conversion is very challenging since it is taking place while production is continuing.
  • 03/06/20

    “Programming things no one has ever programmed before”

    Nadja Bogdanova works as a UX/UI designer at Volkswagen’s Smart.Production:Lab working on the interface between users and software developers.
  • 03/06/20

    T-Roc on the Rocks

    The 221-kW (300-PS) T-Roc R is the sportiest version of Volkswagen’s compact crossover. Works driver and professional racing driver Benjamin Leuchter was heavily involved in developing the high-performance model. On one of the Volkswagen Driving Experience’s winter training courses in Arvidsjaur, Sweden, he tested the driving characteristics of the T-Roc R and explained its advantages in icy conditions.
  • 03/03/20

    “Our hybrids combine the best of both worlds”

    Many new Volkswagen brand models’ feature an electric motor in addition to a conventional drive. In an interview, Frank Welsch, Board Member for Development, explains the advantages of hybrid vehicles.
  • 03/03/20

    The customer decides which technology meets their requirements

    At the Volkswagen brand, cars such as the Golf GTE and the Touareg R celebrate their world premieres. In an interview, COO Ralf Brandstätter talks about the further development of various drive systems and the switch to climate-friendly e-mobility.
  • 02/26/20

    Powering into the future with a single gear

    February 29, 2020 is a leap year day. We show how Volkswagen Group revolutionized the automatic transmission with the DSG dual-clutch transmission and and how to change gear on the e-drive.
  • 02/14/20

    “NO LIMITS by VW”: Racing pros test their limits

    High mountain peaks. Snowy meadows. Three people in a T-Roc R. “What do you think about me switching into sport mode?” asks the young man behind the wheel. “Go for it,” his front-seat passenger agrees and turns to the young woman in the back. “It was nice knowing you,” he says with a grin. A step on the gas. Strong acceleration. Then off they go into the next curve. Loud laughter.
  • 01/29/20

    Green energy supplier Elli draws a positive conclusion

    The switch to e-mobility only makes sense if there is a consistent expansion of renewable energy at the same time. With Elli, Volkswagen has established its own green energy provider. For a year now, the company has been helping its customers achieve their own personal energy transition – time for an initial interim assessment.
  • 01/29/20

    ‘Volkswagen is entering a new age with the ID.3

    The ID.3 is the first model in the fully electric ID. family. In an interview, Jürgen Stackmann explains why electric vehicles are now the right choice for many people and talks about the role played by the long-term communication strategy.
  • 01/27/20

    75th Anniversary: Volkswagen Remembers the Liberation of Auschwitz

    Volkswagen Group commemorates the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp with a wreath-laying ceremony and exhibition in memory of the victims of the Holocaust.
  • 01/24/20

    In good shape for the winter

    Winter is here and hopefully your car is prepared for it. If not, that’s not a problem! The following tips and utensils ensure your car is prepared for (almost) every situation involving ice and snow.
  • 01/22/20

    100% E: the mega conversion in Zwickau

    The ID.3 represents the dawning of a new era. Not just because it is based on a new vehicle platform, but because the car also sees the launch of new developments and a paradigm shift. Reinhard de Vries, managing director of technology and logistics at Volkswagen Sachsen, talks about the challenges and special moments on the path towards electric mobility.
  • 01/15/20

    Why the ID.3 is New Volkswagen

    Dr Silke Bagschik’s role in the ID. project is to look after the interests of customers, dealers and employees by generating and maintaining interest in electric vehicles. In episode 17 of ‘Becoming ID.’, the 45-year-old head of e-mobility sales and marketing tells us how she is achieving this and why the ID.3 represents New Volkswagen like no other model.
  • 01/14/20

    ‘I love this car’

    Few other cars are so deeply rooted in the lives of their drivers as the Golf. In the series entitled ‘It’s my Life’, we present people who drive the Golf – and live for it. In part 7, Benny Leuchter confesses his love for the Golf VII GTI Clubsport S.
  • 01/09/20

    On the trail of the future

    To explore technologies and discover trends that will shape the future – that is the mission of Florian Neukart, Director of Advanced Technologies and IT Innovation at Volkswagen Group of America.
  • 01/08/20

    “This data is doubly valuable”

    The “Lower Saxony testing ground” has been taken into operation between Wolfsburg and Brunswick (Braunschweig). Volkswagen is also using this new, 7 km test route. There are two reasons for this: in the short term, the aim is to gain further knowledge for assisted driving such as Car2X, and in the longer term the software for developing automated driving is to be improved.
  • 01/08/20

    Why the ID.3 will be a bestseller

    From the MQB to the MEB, the biggest transformation since the Golf is set to begin at Volkswagen with the launch of the ID. family. Head developer Frank Bekemeier had to completely rethink electric mobility in order to build up to three million fully electric vehicles by 2025 as planned.
  • 01/07/20

    One for five

    Few other cars are so deeply rooted in the lives of their drivers as the Golf. In the series entitled ‘It’s my Life’, we present people who drive the Golf – and live for it. In part 6, Ulrike Gerwin explains why her Golf VI is just the right car for her family of five.
  • 01/02/20

    The future begins in Los Angeles

    With the “Building an Electric Future” exhibition, Volkswagen and the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles are offering an insight into the development of the mobility of tomorrow.
  • 12/26/19

    Volkswagen lets its charging robots loose

    Volkswagen Group Components presents a new and visionary charging concept. Mobile robots will charge electric vehicles completely autonomously in future. Every parking space can become a charging point.
  • 12/23/19

    “Football means all of us”

    For the past year now, the Volkswagen brand has been supporting football in all its diversity as a partner of both the German Football Association (DFB) and the German national team. A look back.
  • 12/20/19

    On the road with Santa Claus

    Professional Santas are working non-stop right now – and are sometimes pretty stressed out too: so many children, so many presents, so many stops city-wide where people need to be made happy. So it’s good if these Santas have the right sleigh to ride.
  • 12/19/19

    Behind the scenes: A VW Christmas with the Fokken family

    Volkswagen employee Michael Fokken and his family play the leading role in Volkswagen's new Christmas film.
  • 12/19/19

    Smiling faces at Christmas

    Think of others and give joy: At Christmas time, numerous Volkswagen Group employees’ collect and donate money for good causes. We provide an insight into various Christmas initiatives.
  • 12/18/19

    "We are in the first wave of transformation"

    Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer from Duisburg’s CAR-Center Automotive Research is one of the best-known automotive experts. In an interview, he talks about the upheaval in the industry, the prospects for e-mobility and Germany as an automotive location.
  • 12/17/19

    New Volkswagen – how does a global brand reinvent itself?

    New drive technology, new design, new logo. Volkswagen practically reinvented itself last year. “New Volkswagen” is an expression of this.
  • 12/17/19

    ‘The Golf is just right’

    We present people who drive the Golf. Personal stories of life with the automotive icon. In the fifth part, Reinhold Rupperath from Effelsberg, Germany presents his Golf V GTI.
  • 12/16/19

    SUV offensive: How we are strengthening the core business

    In 2019, SUVs were fully on-trend. In line with this, Volkswagen celebrated two milestones, unveiled its smallest vehicle in the segment, and will in future be focusing on zero-emission SUVs.
  • 12/13/19

    How we are expanding our model range

    The year 2019 was dominated by transformation and product offensives. Volkswagen is thus pursuing the major goal of transforming its fleet to e-mobility while at the same time, further expanding its market share and profitability.
  • 12/13/19

    A Visit to Paradise

    “That is absolutely awesome!” Marco Degenhardt’s eyes lit up as soon as he set foot in the car warehouse at Volkswagen Classic. Even for a massive enthusiast like him, an original GTI in Alpine White and pristine condition is a very special sight.
  • 12/12/19

    This is how the ID.3 sounds

    How should a car sound that drives almost silently? The Volkswagen sound designers from the team of Design Manager Klaus Bischoff asked themselves the same question. The results are very impressive.
  • 12/12/19

    “We” Ecosystem: How we are networking the world

    In 2019, flexible mobility services were in high demand. Volkswagen therefore expanded its offering and will continue developing new value-added services at a central location going forward.
  • 12/11/19

    Volkswagen is becoming more connected

    In 2019, Volkswagen pushed ahead with its drive to digitize its vehicles and production. The establishment of a cross-brand “Car.Software” organization within the Group is one element of this offensive. Volkswagen is also working with strong partners such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Argo to focus on digital transformation in all areas.
  • 12/10/19

    Electromobility: Why we are focusing on E

    With the ID.3, Volkswagen is ushering in a new era – that of mass electric mobility.
  • 12/10/19

    There can only be one ...

    There can be few other cars as deeply rooted in the lives of its drivers as the Golf. ‘It’s my Life’; a series introducing people who drive the Golf – and who eat and breath Golf. In part 4, the Austrian Ronny Pitz from Klagenfurt explains why a 2004 Golf MK IV R32 is the perfect car for him.
  • 12/09/19

    What we do for the climate

    2019 was dominated by climate protection and decarbonization. Volkswagen is all the more committed to e-mobility, clean electricity and a CO2-neutral supply chain. We give you a summary and five info graphics.
  • 12/06/19

    That time of year: the car and the tree

    There are a few things that are simply essential for Christmas: the dinner, the cookies, and, above all, the tree, of course. These tips reveal how to transport it home safely.
  • 12/05/19

    "Enormous potential in the entry-level segment"

    Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen brand responsible for Sales, Marketing and After Sales, speaks about the successful launch of the Volkswagen brand JETTA in China
  • 12/04/19

    Rear-wheel drive again at last!

    At this job, secrets are on the daily agenda: secrets about the future of car construction. As a vehicle controller, Sven Köhler deals with Volkswagen’s most secret vehicles from an early stage – and this included the first prototypes of ID.3 a few years ago. An interview with vehicle controller Sven Köhler.
  • 12/03/19

    Innovation in all walks of life

    The eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf is ready and waiting. And, like its predecessors, it features a wealth of technical innovations. The new generation demonstrates its qualities on an initial test drive through northern Portugal.
  • 12/03/19

    ‘I wouldn’t want any other car!’

    We present people who drive the Golf. Personal stories of life with the automotive icon. This time, we visit Tina Kraßowski, who drives a 1996 Golf III CL in Dragon Green Metallic.
  • 11/29/19

    Making EURO 2020 mobile

    In tandem to the European Championship draw, we present the venues and show how Volkswagen, as the tournament’s mobility partner, aims to provide fans with unforgettable moments.
  • 11/27/19

    Light brings the ID.3 to life

    What effects does light have on the emotional character of a vehicle? It can create an emotional charge – and connect with people, making it easier to interact with the machine because it feels more natural. Sandra Sturmat, light designer at Volkswagen, is jointly responsible for the ID.3 lighting. An interview.
  • 11/26/19

    The Golf family

    Few other cars are so deeply rooted in the lives of their drivers as the Golf. In the series entitled ‘It’s my Life’, we present people who drive the Golf – and live for it. In part two, Anna Webelsiep and Christoph Dalchau talk about how their Golf II ‘Madison’ has become part of the family.
  • 11/25/19

    12 facts on the ID.Charger

    With the ID.Charger, customers will be able to charge their e-cars quickly and conveniently at home in the future. Here’s what you need to know about the socalled "Wallbox", made by Volkswagen. Included are three info graphics and a video.
  • 11/21/19

    This much space is possible

    The ID. SPACE VIZZION is the seventh member of the ID. family. Now the study has been presented to a global audience for the first time.
  • 11/20/19

    Knowledge is power

    The Volkswagen Educational Institute: Founded in 1990 with economic foresight and political backing, is now a highly professional institution. Initially, a lot of improvisation was necessary. Today, the wholly owned Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH subsidiary is moving in global circles.
  • 11/19/19

    Starting school in a Golf

    Few other cars are so deeply rooted in the lives of their drivers as the Golf. In the series entitled ‘It’s my Life’, we present people who drive the Golf – and live for it. In part one, Andreas and Bianca Wehlen explain why they could never do without their Golf MK I.
  • 11/18/19

    Enough space for a whole child’s room?

    Which car is best for everyday life with children? For families, that is an important question with a clear answer – one with a large luggage compartment. 88 percent of the participants in a reader survey conducted by the German magazines “Auto Straßenverkehr” and “Leben & erziehen” said that this was particularly important for them.
  • 11/15/19

    "We increase the speed, once more!"

    Volkswagen Group is resolutely pressing ahead with its transformation. Investments in the future fields of hybridization, electromobility and digitization will rise to almost 60 billion euros. Read more ...
  • 11/14/19

    Wheels significantly alter vehicle design

    Close to 50 per cent of a vehicle’s overall appearance is defined by the wheels. Additionally, colours come across completely differently on different wheel designs. Matthias Valencia, who is jointly responsible for the wheel design of the ID. range, tells us why this is and how important wheel design is to vehicle efficiency.
  • 11/13/19

    Transparent garages and a black cube

    The Autostadt puts the Volkswagen Group’s values into visual form. Guided tours of the exhibition give visitors an overview of what there is to experience – and that goes beyond hands-on mobility.
  • 11/12/19

    That's what "New Volkswagen" is all about

    "New Volkswagen" celebrates its premiere in China with a spectacular drone show in Guangzhou. We answer the most important questions and show a video with the head of design explaining the new logo.
  • 11/11/19

    15 Laptops are steering this Golf

    Since March 2019 Volkswagen has been testing autonomous driving on public roads in Hamburg with five converted e-Golf. By 2025, a self-driving system should be ready for the markets.
  • 11/11/19

    Color, material, geometry – that’s it!

    A logical balance between materials and shapes forms the surfaces of the ID.3 and, more generally, the ID. range. Diana Zynda – Head of the MEB Colour & Trim Team at Volkswagen – explains what exactly is important when it comes to a new genetic focus for the electric ID. range. An interview.
  • 11/08/19

    Volkswagen in Eastern Germany: 30 facts

    Thirty years ago, the people of East Germany brought down the Berlin wall. The anniversary is an occasion to look back at the automotive industry in the eastern Federal states.
  • 11/07/19

    30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall: Automaking East – a portrait of five car dealerships

    Thirty years after the Berlin Wall came down, Volkswagen is positioned very well in the states of eastern Germany. The reason for this is dealers who have strengthened the Group’s brands for decades. Five examples:
  • 11/06/19

    High-tech in production

    Volkswagen is converting the Zwickau plant into a modern high-tech facility. We take a look at the automotive production of the future. We have been to the sheetmetal shop, the body shop, the paint shop, and talked to the experts.
  • 11/05/19

    The largest training camp in the automotive industry

    Volkswagen is training all their 8,000 employees at the Zwickau plant to be ready for e-car production by 2021. The cost and effort are enormous – but also justified. After all, Zwickau will be the trailblazer for production of the Volkswagen ID. family.
  • 11/05/19

    We do electric mobility the Volkswagen way

    He turned a vision into reality with the ID.3: Klaus Bischoff, Volkswagen head designer. In the interview series ‘Becoming ID.’, the 57-year-old tells us why a separate product family was developed for electric mobility and what the unique requirements of an electric vehicle are.
  • 11/01/19

    CO2 neutral ID.3: just like that

    The ID.3 marks the beginning of a new era – also in the field of sustainability. The electric car is the first Volkswagen to be manufactured in a carbon neutral balance sheet manner. How Volkswagen does it? Through a comprehensive sustainable strategy. Read more on this further down, with five info graphics and a video.
  • 10/30/19

    What makes the interior of the ID.3 so special?

    New design ideas require courage and freedom: in episode 11 of Becoming ID., interior designer Alex Gebel tells us why the new ID.3’s interior is less like a car and more like a modern-day, mobile living room.
  • 10/29/19

    "The next years will be exciting!"

    Volkswagen is starting a pilot project with electric vehicles in Rwanda and will start small series production in Ghana. Thomas Schäfer, Head of Sub-Saharan Africa and Volkswagen South Africa, talks about the potential of the African continent.
  • 10/29/19

    From Trabbi to ID.3

    Bernd Perfölz knows them all. And does so intimately: the Trabant, the Polo, the Golf, the Golf Estate, the Passat – and now the ID.3. The reason is that the now 64-year-old technical expert at the Volkswagen plant Zwickau started his apprenticeship as a communications technician at VEB Sachsenring Zwickau in 1972 when he was 17. A journey through time
  • 10/28/19

    Car city Zwickau: From Horch to e-mobility

    Zwickau has been considered the cradle of the Saxon automotive industry for 114 years. By 2020, the Volkswagen Group will develop the site to become Europe’s largest competence center for electromobility. A chronicle.
  • 10/25/19

    Joachim Löw helps out on the new Golf production line

    A sporty visitor to the assembly line: Joachim Löw, German national soccer team coach, inspects the production of the new Golf – while offering a helping hand also.
  • 10/25/19

    His strengths

    Connectivity and usability, sustainability and safety, comfort and design: We explain the areas in which the new Golf sets standards.
  • 10/24/19

    "The Golf is our answer"

    Sustainable, smart, and well-connected: Volkswagen presented the eighth generation of the top-seller in Wolfsburg. We give you brief look at the high-lights.
  • 10/24/19

    Live tonight, right here: the Golf premiere

    Tonight, the eighth generation Golf will be unveiled in Wolfsburg. Every car fan can follow the world premiere live online – with just one click, see below. You can watch the live stream from 6:30 p.m. CET. Check our three quick pre-view videos before hand!
  • 10/23/19

    "We build it an hour quicker!"

    "The new Golf is much more complex than its predecessor. Nevertheless, the team in Wolfsburg was able to reduce the average production time per vehicle by around one hour", says Andreas Tostmann, Member of the Board of Management at Volkswagen and responsible for production.
  • 10/22/19

    "Into the digital age!"

    The new Golf will be presented the day after tomorrow, on Thursday, October 24th. In our interview, Karlheinz Hell, responsible for the development of the socalled "compact series" at Volkswagen (e.g. Golf, T-Cross, and Tiguan), gives a brief look at the car and reveals what makes it so special.
  • 10/21/19

    The magnificent Seven

    The countdown to the new Golf is underway – and the eighth generation follows in mighty footsteps. No other European car was sold more often. A review of seven glorious predecessors. In addition we offer info graphics for each, two videos as well as four picture galeries.
  • 10/18/19

    Sweden – Green Car Country

    It is an ambitious goal pursued by Sweden: The Scandinavians want to live in the world's first “fossil-free welfare state” by 2045. For this, CO2 emissions from traffic must be drastically reduced. The prospects are good, but preferences among drivers are a challenge. A country portrait with three infographics.
  • 10/17/19

    Soccer on the virtual field

    German soccer club VfL Wolfsburg has been involved in electronic sports with the help of Volkswagen since 2015. One of the best players: the professional FIFA e-athlete and reigning coach of Germany's national team: Benedikt Saltzer.
  • 10/16/19

    The ID.3’s safety technologies

    The new ‘centre airbag’ should prevent the front-seat passengers’ heads from colliding. Stefan Hagen, who is responsible for side impacts in the ID.3, tells us exactly how it works.
  • 10/16/19

    For jobs and prosperity

    A special relationship exists between the former Volkswagen Group CEO Carl H. Hahn and Saxony and the other East German states. Hahn was head of Volkswagen when the Wall fell in 1989. A retrospective
  • 10/15/19

    Realtime safety with UWB

    From new anti-theft protection to comfort and security applications: Volkswagen presents future utilization areas for socalled “Ultra-Wideband technology” (UWB).
  • 10/14/19

    Labs around the world

    The collaboration between humans and machines is becoming ever more important to the Volkswagen Group. The basic goal of the largest automotive group in Europe is to continue increasing production line efficiency and ergonomics.
  • 10/10/19

    Driving at the limit

    They are driving on a Portuguese race track: Volkswagen development engineers with autonomous driving cars. The independent motor journalist Michael Gebhardt was there and even got in the car.
  • 10/09/19

    New ID.3: ‘Today, safety wouldn’t be possible without simulation’

    To begin with, the new airbag in the ID.3, which inflates between the two front seats, was developed virtually on the computer. How did that work and how did a supercomputer precalculate these crash situations? Ernst Glas, who is responsible for calculation as Head of Vehicle Safety, tells us.
  • 10/09/19

    What’s the ‘idea of the battery’ in the ID.3?

    The safety and lightweight design of the ID.3: Volkswagen’s first-ever full-surface underbody protection is made from aluminium and designed to minimise the drag coefficient (Cd value). This not only ensures efficient driving and optimum stability, but also drastically reduces weight and distinguishes the ID.3 battery construction from that of competitors. Norman Tenneberg, Head of subdepartment High Voltage Battery Housing, Underbody cladding and Wheel Arch Liner, tells us how challenging it was to work on the crash-proof battery housing.
  • 10/07/19

    Volkswagen and its British roots ...

    70 years ago, the British handed over the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg to the Federal Republic of Germany. The date marked the dawn of Volkswagen’s ascent in post-war Germany and beyond.
  • 10/01/19

    „China’s development is impressive“

    China is Volkswagen's most important market worldwide. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the People's Republic, we asked the CEO of Volkswagen Group, Herbert Diess, four questions.
  • 09/30/19

    Silently through the countryside

    Is e-mobility only suitable for short drives in town? The Maribondo da Floresta foundation in rural northern Germany shows that this isn’t the case. We visit an extraordinary business group.