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Shaping Mobility - The Volkswagen Podcast

Shaping Mobility is the Volkswagen podcast about the future of mobility. The presenter duo Alina Engelmeier and Vincenzo Lanzilotti talk to independent mobility experts about trends and innovations in mobility. Volkswagen professionals provide valuable insights and background information. Current topics such as e-mobility, digitization and sustainability in the supply chain will be discussed. The result: an open exchange about opportunities and challenges as well as useful tips and facts about the future of mobility.

Please note: this Podcast is only available in German language.

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Please note: this Podcast is only available in German language.

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Andrea Morgan-Schönwetter
Dr. Max Senges
#05 From codes to connectivity: Why does the future belong to IT talents?

Why are IT and software specialists becoming increasingly important to automotive manufacturers? What sets them apart, what approach do they contribute? Which IT innovations are shaping the automotive future? And what are the challenges during development? Andrea Morgan-Schönwetter, Head of Recruiting & Talent Marketing at Volkswagen, and Dr. Max Senges, CEO and Headmaster of 42 Wolfsburg, explain what makes the difference to Alina and Vinzenzo.

#04 E-mobility as a mass market: What can we learn from China?

The men’s European football championship kicks off on 11th June. Teams, fans and media from around the world will travel to this major event. But how will the large numbers of people get to the stadium or hotel? And above all: Is there a sustainable option? In episode 4, Alina and Vincenzo discuss this with Stephan Franssen, who is responsible for the UEFA sponsoring at Volkswagen, and Nico Briskorn, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at VfL Wolfsburg.

Stefan Franssen
Nico Briskorn
Jacky Ives
Olaf Gutowski
#03 E-mobility as a mass market: What can we learn from China?

What makes China a pioneer in electric mobility? What incentives lead to more electric cars on the road? What are the challenges? And what can we learn from China? This is what episode 3 with Alina and Vincenzo is all about. This episode’s guests are Olaf Gutowski, Head of Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen in China, and Jacky Ives, consultant for mobility providers in the Chinese market at Sinolytics.

#02 E-cars for everyone? A talk with Silke Bagschik and Henning Kagermann

What are the advantages of electric cars? Where and how quickly can I charge my e-car? What are the costs involved? And how sustainable are electric cars really – is there the right ecological balance? Alina Engelmeier and Vincenzo Lanzilotti tackle the debate on e-mobility in episode 2. Together with Dr. Silke Bagschik, Head of Sales & Marketing, E-Mobility Series at Volkswagen, and Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann, Chairman of the National Platform for the Future of Mobility, they discuss uncertainties and doubts.

Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann
Dr. Silke Bagschik
Anja Hendel
Ole Reuss
#01 Computers on wheels: How can cars become true digital gadgets?

How will we spend our time in the car of the future? Which digital features will ensure greater safety and comfort when driving in the future? And will the car become a smartphone on wheels – or is it already? Alina and Vincenzo talk to Anja Hendel, Managing Director of diconium, and Ole Reuss, Head of Volkswagen’s Software Development Center in Hanover.

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Alina Engelmeier
Vincenzo Lanzilotti

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