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Press releases

  • 06/28/19
    Volkswagen Group News

    Volkswagen Group commits suppliers to sustainability

    As of 1st July 2019, the Volkswagen Group will introduce a worldwide Sustainability Rating for its suppliers. This enables the company to assess the sustainability conduct of its business partners in its supply chain with regard to risks relating to human rights, environmental protection and corruption.
  • 04/23/19
    Volkswagen Group News

    From mine to factory: Volkswagen makes supply chain transparent with blockchain

    Optimizing supply chains, eliminating sources of error, guaranteeing social and ecological standards – these are the goals of the collaboration between the Volkswagen Group and Minespider. Together with the blockchain specialist, a pilot project is to be set up to achieve transparency in the the global supply chain for lead. Blockchain technology makes it possible to trace the raw material back to the point of origin by means of digital certificates. The Volkswagen Group plans to use this technology for further raw materials and their supply chains.
  • 04/05/19
    Volkswagen Group News

    Volkswagen Group secures lithium supplies

    The Volkswagen Group and Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd. registered in Jiangxi (China) have signed a memorandum of understanding on long-term lithium supplies for battery cells. Under the agreement, Ganfeng will supply lithium to the Volkswagen Group and its suppliers for the next ten years. Volkswagen is thus already securing a significant share of its lithium requirement for batteries.
  • 03/26/19
    Volkswagen Group News

    New management at Volkswagen Group Components

    The new Volkswagen Group Components brand is using its cross-brand and international structure to fill some of its management positions. As of 1 March 2019, Heiner Lanze has taken over as Head of Procurement of the newly independent business unit. He succeeds Stephan Beyse, who, as part of a regular rotation, now holds the position of Head of Procurement of Genuine Parts in Kassel. From 1 May 2019, Frank Engel will become Executive Vice President of Components, Logistics, Quality for all Volkswagen Group China's component activities. Christian Bleiel will succeed Mr Engel to become Head of Component Production for the Group brand ŠKODA AUTO. At the same time, Andreas Salewsky, as Mr Bleiel’s successor, will become the new head of the component site at Salzgitter.
  • 12/11/18

    Producing for the future: Volkswagen Toolmaking opens highly advanced 3-D printing center

    The Volkswagen brand’s Toolmaking unit is adding a highly advanced 3-D printing center to its facilities in Wolfsburg. With the opening of the center, the unit is bringing the most highly advanced generation of 3-D printers to the Volkswagen Group, which will allow the production of complex vehicle parts in the future. In addition, with the new center, Toolmaking is implementing a key point of the pact for the future concluded in 2016 and expanding its production competences with subsidies from the Innovation Fund II.
  • 12/07/18

    Volkswagen and suppliers start countdown to ID.

    About one year before the start of production of the fully electric ID., Volkswagen has announced further details of its electric offensive. Throughout the Group, up to 15 million vehicles based on the Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB) are to be built in the first wave, compared with 10 million vehicles according to previous plans. Up to 2023, the brand will be investing more than €11 billion in e-mobility, digitalization, autonomous driving and new mobility services, including more than €9 billion in the ID. family. The electric offensive was also a topic at the MEB Supplier Event. Yesterday, more than 30 CEOs from the key component suppliers came to Wolfsburg to usher in the hot phase of preparations for the ID. together with Dr. Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen Group, and members of the Volkswagen brand Board of Management.
  • 09/17/18
    Volkswagen Group News

    TRATON AG and Hino join forces in e-mobility and plan to establish procurement joint venture

    TRATON AG and Hino Motors Ltd. (“Hino”) today announced new details on their strategic partnership. Both partners have agreed on two strategic initiatives: to join forces in e-mobility and the plan to establish a procurement joint venture.
  • 05/24/18
    Volkswagen Group News

    Group Award 2018: Volkswagen Group honors international top suppliers

    The Volkswagen Group presented the “Volkswagen Group Award 2018” to its best suppliers yesterday at a ceremony in ‘Kraftwerk Berlin’. Last year’s 19 best suppliers were presented with their awards in seven categories. As ‘category sponsors’, high-ranking representatives from the Volkswagen Group handed over the awards to the suppliers at a ceremony attended by some 280 guests from 26 countries.
  • 12/12/17
    Volkswagen Group News

    Volkswagen strengthens its rules to ensure sustainable, socially compatible raw material procurement

    The Volkswagen Group is currently engaging in intensive discussions with its suppliers to determine how the sustainability of the supply chain, especially for raw materials used in electric vehicles, can be improved. Specifically, the objective is to bring environmentally compatible vehicles onto the road that have been produced with respect for human rights and in accordance with environmental and social standards throughout the supply chain. This starts with raw material extraction and ends with the finished product. This is why the Volkswagen Group has made its corporate guideline more stringent and now requires greater transparency in raw material procurement from its suppliers.
  • 06/01/16

    FAST strategy conference: Volkswagen Group lays foundations for the future with its suppliers

    With its "Volkswagen Future Automotive Supply Tracks" (FAST) initiative, the Volkswagen Group is aiming for more intensive strategic interchange with its suppliers with a view to forging ahead even more strongly with future-oriented technologies. At the first "FAST Summit" strategy conference, held in Berlin, the FAST partners discussed key topics and projects of the next few years with Board of Management members and representatives of the Volkswagen Group and its brands. Together with its suppliers, the Volkswagen Group is laying the foundations for the future of the automobile.
  • 05/23/16

    FAST corporate initiative: Volkswagen Group Procurement has defined further strategic partners

    Volkswagen has nominated a total of 55 strategic partners for 61 fields of competence under its "Volkswagen Future Automotive Supply Tracks" (FAST) initiative. The aim is to jointly implement technological innovations for customers worldwide even faster than in the past. A key prerequisite for that is early involvement in the innovation process and synchronization of both the corporate strategy and the production network between the strategic suppliers and the Group.
  • 07/31/15

    The FAST corporate initiative: Volkswagen Group Procurement nominates strategic partners

    The Volkswagen Group has nominated the first 44 suppliers who will be collaborating with the Group on a new common strategic level under the joint FAST initiative. These suppliers were chosen for their outstanding performance in their respective field of competence based on a systematic selection process. Volkswagen Group Procurement is responding to the challenges currently facing the automotive industry by working together with its suppliers under the "Future Automotive Supply Tracks" initiative (or FAST for short) and will implement technical innovations even faster.
  • 02/26/15

    "Volkswagen FAST" initiative: Volkswagen Group redefines cooperation with suppliers

    The Volkswagen Group had invited its key global suppliers to Wolfsburg today for the kick-off event of the new Volkswagen FAST (Future Automotive Supply Tracks) program. Dr. Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft responsible for Procurement, launched the new corporate initiative together with development and procurement board members of the Group brands.



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