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  • Volkswagen is supporting the public debate on future issues facing society under the slogan ‘Recalculating the Route’ taking place in Weimar from June 19 to 21.  
  • Hiltrud D. Werner, member of the Volkswagen Group Board of Management, participating in the panel discussion on ‘Gender & Tech’ says: ‘We aim to increase the ratio of women within Volkswagen in all areas. We base our recruitment on the annual numbers of female graduates. This means around 10 percent of mechanical engineering graduates we hire are now women, 25 percent from engineering sciences and 50 percent from economic sciences.’ 
  • Volkswagen Group futurologist Wolfgang Müller-Pietralla takes part in a Deutschlandfunk Kultur live broadcast panel discussion on ‘Tech euphoria vs. anxiety about the future’.

For the second time, Volkswagen is supporting the Weimar Cultural Symposium of the Goethe-Institut, which will be attended by more than 300 participants from all over the world. Intellectuals, artists, scientists and decision-makers will be debating major upheavals of our time in many areas of society. Volkswagen is actively contributing to this debate and so emphasizing how the company invests in creating a livable future.

Media contacts

Rita Werneyer
Spokesperson Cultural Engagement
Tel. +49 5361 9-79864