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  • Diesel campaign starts in Germany
  • The Germany Guarantee keeps owners of new and year-old vehicles with diesel engines on the road in the event of a driving ban
  • The Volkswagen brand’s successful environmental incentive has taken some 120,000 old diesels from the road
  • Continuation as diesel environmental incentive for new cars
  • Independent studies determine that the newest generation of Volkswagen diesel engines are among the cleanest in a comparison with competitors

The Volkswagen brand is starting a diesel campaign for its customers in Germany in April. The new Germany Guarantee gives the buyers of new and year-old vehicles with diesel engines purchased from a Volkswagen dealership additional security and will keep them on the road in the event of a driving ban. The Volkswagen Group’s successful environmental incentive has already taken some 170,000 old diesel vehicles from the road since August 2017 and replaced them with efficient and clean current models. Approximately 120,000 of these customers have chosen a Volkswagen brand model. The Volkswagen brand continues its effort to rejuvenate the vehicle population by offering the diesel environmental incentive with the purchase of a new diesel vehicle beginning in April.

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