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Volkswagen Group’s new importer contracts pave the way for digitalization

Volkswagen Group’s new importer contracts pave the way for digitalization
  • Group brands renew contracts with long-standing importers by mutual agreement
  • New contracts lay foundation for realigning Sales and are prerequisite for marketing new all-electric and fully-connected vehicles from 2020
  • Manufacturer, importer and dealer jointly approach customers in future
  • Head of Volkswagen Group Sales, Fred Kappler: “The new contracts are an important milestone and realign the joint business model for the next decade.”

The Audi, ŠKODA, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Volkswagen Passenger Cars brands, together with their partners from ten European importers, signed the new importer contracts in Wolfsburg this week. Contracts with the Group’s own companies in a further 15 markets were also exchanged. As a result, the Volkswagen Group has agreed new contracts for almost all European markets. Some 4.1 million vehicles were delivered in these markets, including the home market of Germany, in 2017. The contracts are an important strategic milestone for the Volkswagen Group and define a new joint business model that is shaped in particular by ongoing digitalization. Going forward, manufacturer, importer and dealer will jointly communicate with customers, speaking with one voice across all contact points. The contracts are also an important prerequisite for marketing the Volkswagen Group’s new all-electric, fully-connected vehicles and come into effect starting in April 2020 in good time for the market launch of these models.

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