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Volkswagen Group IT expands know-how for the development of digital customer offerings

Dr. Martin Hofmann. Volkswagen Digital Lab Berlin. Foto: Jens Oellermann/ Volkswagen AG Nutzung frei unter Angabe eines Credits Jens Oellermann/ Volkswagen
  • Software for the Volkswagen brand's digital customer offerings such as "We Deliver" is being developed at the Group IT Digital Lab
  • The Digital Lab has an international team with 70 IT specialists from 16 countries
  • Further expansion of lab to 120 IT specialists is planned
  • "Extreme Programming": software development using agile methods from Silicon Valley

The Volkswagen Group is expanding its IT know-how for the development of digital customer offerings. Group IT has significantly strengthened its Digital Lab in Berlin and has doubled the number of employees since the Lab was inaugurated in October 2016. Currently, some 70 IT specialists work there and the team is due to expand to about 120. Team members include programmers, data scientists, software designers and developers; they are working on topics such as new services for the networked vehicle. The Digital Lab is part of a worldwide network of competence centers where the Volkswagen Group is stepping up its involvement in all future-oriented digital fields.

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