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The Volkswagen brand today launched a comprehensive diesel swapping program. The successful environmental incentive is again being offered throughout Germany. It is valid for Euro-1 to Euro-4 diesel vehicle keepers who scrap the vehicle of any make and switch to a modern Volkswagen. The environmental incentive for new vehicles ranges between €1,500 and €8,000, depending on the model. Furthermore, there is a new exchange premium for keepers of any make of diesel vehicle in the 14 cities classified by the federal government as the most heavily polluted and the surrounding areas. This premium will be paid in addition to the residual value of the old vehicle when trading in a Euro-4 or Euro-5 diesel. The exchange premium for new vehicles ranges from €500 to €7,000, depending on the model. Board Member for Sales, Jürgen Stackmann: “The environmental incentives and exchange premiums are powerful financial incentives for switching to the latest generation of cleaner vehicles. Volkswagen is thus making a further significant contribution to improving air quality and preventing possible driving bans in German cities.” The environmental incentive and the exchange premium are available now from participating Volkswagen partners in Germany and are valid until further notice. Anyone interested in further details can call the hotline on +49 (0)5361-83 89 99 60.

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