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The Volkswagen Board Member for Human Resources, Gunnar Kilian, gave a clear affirmation of the company’s commitment to Europe and announced Volkswagen would be formulating a clear call for votes in the European elections in May at the Group New Year Reception in Brussels. At the same time, Kilian underscored that the transformation to e-mobility and digitalization was a joint task for industry and policy makers. Kilian pointed out that Volkswagen was making massive investments in e-mobility, and commented that the transformation would only be successful if there is also progress in other areas such as establishing energy networks and charging infrastructure, European payment systems and the framework for battery cell production. “Even then, the transition to e-mobility still creates an enormous challenge in terms of employment policy”, Kilian said. That was why prudence was important when implementing regulations. “If we lose sight of the social factor, we are threatening the success of e-mobility.”

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