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  • New Golf provides examples of diverse electric-powered systems: from the micro hybrid system to 100% battery-powered electric drive
  • Fuel-efficient coasting mode 2.0: the new Golf TSI BlueMotion with DSG gearbox 'coasts' with engine shut off
  • The new e-Golf provides 15 kW more power, 20 Nm more torque and 110 km more range
  • Sustainably using alternative fuel: the innovative 1.0 CNG turbo for natural gas propulsion

Electric power, natural gas propulsion and a new coasting function for internal combustion engines – at the 38th Vienna Motor Symposium starting today, Volkswagen is presenting solutions for the CO2-neutral, sustainable mobility of the future. In the case of electric power, the spectrum ranges from the new, affordable micro hybrid system all the way to further optimised battery-powered propulsion. For the first time, Volkswagen is presenting a coasting function for internal combustion engines with a 'Coasting - Engine off' function that shuts off the engine completely. The company is going on the offensive on the natural gas front as well – with a new, compact three-cylinder engine for the Polo.

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