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This is what the future sounds like: Volkswagen conducts the "Art x Tech" Panel in Beijing

“Art x Tech” Panel in Beijing
F.l.t.r.: Clemens Trautmann (President of Deutsche Grammophon), Daniel Hope, Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann (Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft as well as President and CEO of Volkswagen Group China), Matthias Röder (Managing director of the Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute), Peter Gregson.
  •  Joint event with the Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute and Deutsche Grammophon focusing on music, artificial intelligence and the future of mobility 
  • Renowned violinist Daniel Hope, author and futurologist Holger Volland and the digital pioneer Vladimir Viro, will discuss the cultural challenges of emerging technologies and the implementation of artificial intelligence in how music can be appreciated in autonomous vehicles
  • Launch of the classical music club concert series "Yellow Lounge" in Asia, supported by Volkswagen

Well-known experts from the worlds of music, science and technology have come together today on the invitation of Volkswagen Group China at the "Art x Tech" Panel to discuss music, artificial intelligence and the future of mobility. A series of panel discussions will explore questions such as how new interactive encounters with music will affect future mobility in fully autonomous vehicles. As part of the program, potential applications will demonstrate how cultural experiences in a progressively technology-driven environment can be optimized and enriched.

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