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Stress-free manoeuvring with your trailer thanks to Trailer Assist

  • Innovative assistance system takes over steering while reversing with trailers
  • Precise manoeuvring with joystick control

Summer is garden and holiday time. So there is a lot to transport: from garden waste and building materials, the boat or motorcycle right up to the caravan to take on holiday – high season for every type of trailer. But manoeuvring with a trailer is not easy, especially for the occasional trailer-tower and can be an ordeal even for veterans. Because often the trailer does not respond as you would expect. The assistance system "Trailer Assist" ensures that difficult reversing manoeuvres succeed without the usual stress. This optional, easy to use assistance system takes the pressure off those who are travelling with trailers and trying to manoeuvre in confusing DIY-store car parks, small campsites or twisty harbour streets.

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