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Prevention and care: TRATON hosts Drivers’ Health Day at the IAA

  • What can truckmakers do for drivers, what health risks are involved, and how do they receive assistance in an emergency: these were the questions at the heart of the debate at the Drivers’ Health Day hosted by TRATON.

Christina Scheib knows just how hot it can get in a truck. She can often be found driving her 40-ton dump truck around her home state of Bavaria transporting the grim, bubbling mixture of bitumen and grainy stones that will later be used to pave the road. And as a woman behind the wheel of a truck, she has found that “it is not enough to give 100%, you have to give 200% to be recognized.” The “trucker princess,” as she has been dubbed by the media, is a trained medical assistant. This makes Christina Scheib an ideal guest at the Drivers’ Health Day hosted by TRATON in Hall 12 at the IAA.

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