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  • "TOGETHER – Strategy 2025" ushers in the biggest change process in the Company's history, with the focus on transforming the core business and tapping potential new revenue streams
  • Major electrification initiative planned: more than 30 new e-vehicles by 2025, annual unit sales target of two to three million
  • Battery technology, digitalization and autonomous driving to be developed into new Group competencies
  • Components business to be realigned
  • New mobility solutions business to be quickly expanded
  • Projected investments in future technologies in the double-digit billion range, financed through Group-wide efficiency improvements and portfolio optimization
  • Operating return on sales of 7 to 8 percent and return on capital employed in the Automotive Division of more than 15 percent by 2025 targeted
  • Increasing profitability and efficiency of the Volkswagen brand are key to achieving Group targets
  • CEO Matthias Müller: "The Volkswagen Group will be more focused, efficient, innovative, customer-driven and sustainable – and systematically geared to generating profitable growth."

The Volkswagen Group is laying the foundations for lasting success in tomorrow's world of mobility and its evolution into a world-leading provider of sustainable mobility. In order to achieve these goals, the Board of Management – with the approval of the Supervisory Board – has adopted a future program, "TOGETHER – Strategy 2025". By doing so, it has also launched the biggest change process in the Volkswagen Group's history. The new Group strategy comprises a raft of far-reaching strategic decisions and specific initiatives essentially aimed at safeguarding its long-term future and generating profitable growth. This is to be achieved by comprehensively transforming the core automotive business, rapidly establishing a new mobility solutions business, significantly increasing efficiency as well as strengthening innovation power and entrepreneurial mindset and approach in the Company.

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