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Wolfsburg (D)

Let it shine – how Volkswagen brings cars to life with lighting design

Volkswagen concept car ID. CROZZ
  • These days, lighting design is both functional and emotional
  • Leading us into tomorrow: the "extraterior" – the design of the surroundings
  • How vehicles of the future will use light to communicate with people

Halogen, xenon, LED, laser and OLED – in just two decades, lighting technology and lighting design for vehicles have undergone revolutionary change. In addition to functional aspects such as enhancing visibility in traffic, headlights nowadays also have an emotional component. Lighting design can give a vehicle, like people, a face with its own expression and individual personality. This development will significantly influence the work of Volkswagen designers in the coming years.

Innovative Volkswagen lighting technology is helping to boost safety. At the same time, it is also opening the door to increasingly personalised vehicle design. At an international workshop, Volkswagen is now showcasing how the lighting systems of the future will communicate and increase safety even further.

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