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  • "Becoming ID.": A look behind the scenes of the ID.3 development
  • More than 20 departments present their highlights and challenges
  • Statements from the people who made it happen provide a holistic insight into the brand's exciting transformation towards electric mobility

Challenges, personal experiences, moments of success: All this is included in the new weekly video series about the development of the ID.3 – Volkswagen's upcoming electric model. The new format illuminates the people behind the finished car and goes into more detail about specific details and backgrounds of the development work. The first episode is led by Klaus Bischoff, chief designer of the Volkswagen brand.

Story "Likeable, discreet, and pure"
Responsible for Volkswagen design for 12 years: Klaus Bischoff.

Media contacts

Jochen Tekotte
Spokesperson Product Line e-mobility
Tel. +49 (0) 5361 / 9-87057
Sonja Tyczka
Spokesperson Product Line e-mobility
Tel. +49 (0) 5361 / 9-964407