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Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019: Volkswagen employees commemorate victims of murder, persecution and forced labor

Holocaust Remembrance Day at Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant
Volkswagen plant Wolfsburg: Sunday, January 27, wreath-laying to commemorate the victims of National Socialism.
  • German Resistance Memorial Center, Berlin: opening of the IAC exhibition “Two Lives. Auschwitz and After.”
  • Hallenbad Cultural Center, Wolfsburg: artistic evening with impressions of memorial site work at Auschwitz
  • Volkswagen plant Wolfsburg: wreath-laying and film “Bei uns nichts Neues” to commemorate the victims of National Socialism
  • Representative Office of Saxony, Berlin: Memorial evening with dramatized reading “Ein Stück Wiese am Wald”
  • German Bundestag: youth encounter and ceremony commemorating 74th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

Over the next few days, the International Auschwitz Committee (IAC) and Volkswagen are commemorating the victims of murder, persecution and forced labor during the National Socialist dictatorship at remembrance events. Apprentices from Volkswagen’s plants at Dresden, Emden and Wolfsburg are also taking part in the events.

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