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  • Semi-automated platoons drive on public roads
  • German Transportation Minister Mr. Dobrindt starts test drive with MAN
  • Andreas Renschler: "Tomorrow's trucks are fully connected. Our highways also have to become data highways in the future!"
  • Volkswagen Truck & Bus at the forefront in Europe with more than 200,000 networked trucks from MAN and Scania
  • Average three-digit million investment for digital innovations in the next five years

Transporting goods on highways could soon become even more efficient and safe thanks to digitally connected semitrailer tractors. To demonstrate this, MAN and Scania will participate in the "European Truck Platooning Challenge" - a test drive for trucks that are connected in platoons via digital data transfer. In this case, two or more trucks drive behind each other at a small distance making optimum use of the slipstream of the vehicle driving in front. The driver in the first vehicle sets the direction and speed. The other trucks that follow are semi-automated. This reduces diesel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to ten percent.

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