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  • Volkswagen employees with their own truck at Christopher Street Day (CSD) parade in Berlin on July 27
  • First major activity of Group’s LGBT* and friends network since it was founded in March 2019
  • Board Member for Human Resources Gunnar Kilian: “Volkswagen is taking a clear stance: we stand for respect and equal opportunity for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation, ethnic origin, color or gender.”

This year, Volkswagen is taking part in Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Berlin for the first time with its own truck at the CSD parade– and thus taking a clear stance in support of diversity and against discrimination. Volkswagen employees and the Group’s Diversity Management have founded the “We Drive Proud” LGBT* and friends network that not only represents the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, inter* and queer people: it also intends to help shape cultural change in the company.

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Christine Kuhlmeyer
Spokesperson Human Resources
Tel. +49 (0) 5361-9-996482