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Electrifying World Premiere: Volkswagen offers First Glimpse of Mobile Charging Station

Design sketch of the flexible quick charging station
Power bank for electric cars – the mobile quick charging station by Volkswagen Group Components.
  • Flexible charging station can support the stationary development of a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and serve temporary needs
  • CEO of Volkswagen Group Components, Thomas Schmall: “Completely new approach for the construction and expansion of the charging network”
  • Head of Technology at Group Components, Mark Möller: “Sustainable power can simply be stored temporarily until use”
  • MEB battery pack forms the energetic core of the charging station

At the turn of the year, Volkswagen is offering a glimpse of the company’s future mobile quick charging station. It can be set up flexibly and independent of the power supply wherever it is needed: for example, in public parking lots in the city, on company premises, or as a temporary charging point at large-scale events. The mobile charging station works according to the principle of a power bank – which is familiar to many people with smartphones – but for electric vehicles instead. The charging capacity of up to 360 kWh enables up to 15 e-vehicles, including members of Volkswagen’s new ID. family, to be charged in stand-alone operation. Thanks to quick charging technology, the charging process only takes 17 minutes on average. If the energy content of the integrated battery set is less than 20 percent, the depleted charging station is simply exchanged for a charged one. If, however, it is permanently attached to the power supply with up to 30 kW via alternating current, the battery pack perpetually recharges itself. In case the charging process is based on renewable power supply, the charging station furthermore allows the temporary storage of sustainably generated power, such as solar or wind energy – and therefore CO2-neutral mobility.

World premiere: Volkswagen presents The first ‘power bank’ for the e-car

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