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Wolfsburg/Wickau/Maria Wörth (Austria)

Double debut at the GTI gathering: Apprentices from Wolfsburg and Zwickau present self-developed Golf showcars Aurora and FighteR

  • Wolfsburg team present the Golf GTI Aurora with 279 kW (380 hp
  • Apprentices from Saxony debut with the Golf Estate FighteR, boasting 295 kW (400 hp), 7G DSG and 4motion

Double the pleasure at Wörthersee! The 29th of May is the big day for two teams of apprentices at Volkswagen. At the 38th GTI gathering, they will be presenting the showcars they developed and built themselves for the first time to tens of thousands of automobile fans attending the legendary event in 2019. The spotlight will be on the Golf GTI Aurora from Wolfsburg and the Golf Estate FighteR from Zwickau – and both Volkswagens will absolutely delight the fans.

DE Data sheet Golf Variant FighteR

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