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As a founding member of 42 Wolfsburg, which opened in spring of 2021, Volkswagen recognized the potential of the novel peer-based training concept for its transformation to a software-centered mobility provider from the beginning. Together with its software subsidiary CARIAD, Volkswagen is once again expanding its dedication to promoting the next generation of highly qualified coding experts and – along with its partners Bayer, Capgemini, Microsoft, SAP and T-Systems – providing 42 Berlin with funding in the range of double-digit millions. Additionally, Volkswagen and CARIAD are making their global network and expertise available to the students, for example through mentoring programs and internships. Following 42 Wolfsburg, 42 Heilbronn and 42 Prague, 42 Berlin is the fourth iteration that the Volkswagen Group is funding as part of the 42 network.

Media contacts

Alexandra Bakir
Corporate Communications | Head of People & HR Communications
Tel. +49 (0) 5361 / 9-971117
Elise Pham
Elise Pham
CARIAD SE | External Communications | Press Spokesperson
Tel. +49 170 9264681