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  • China to contribute more than half of Group’s planned output of 22 million BEVs by 2028
  • Further enhance internal research power of Volkswagen Brand, Audi and Volkswagen Group China in new ONE R&D structure
  • Diess: “China and our strong Chinese partners will be central to our plans to deliver cleaner, safer and more intelligent individual mobility for millions of people.”
  • Wöllenstein: “Volkswagen Group China is going full-scale electric in 2019 with an offering of 14 NEV models this year – providing customers with unprecedented choice.”

China will play a key role in the Volkswagen group’s global transformation and its accompanying decarbonization program. Thus, this year will see an intensified roll-out of new energy models. Volkswagen Group China aims to produce more than half of the group’s global objective of 22 million BEVs by 2028. To speed up its e-offensive, it will also launch a new joint venture in charging infrastructure. All this will lay the foundation for wide acceptance of e-mobility. Meanwhile, in the area of future technologies, Volkswagen Group China is combining its research power, with Volkswagen brand, Audi and Group R&D working together within the new ONE R&D structure.

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