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After a very successful year in 2017 and a strong start to the current year, the Volkswagen Group is stepping up the pace of its comprehensive realignment under the leadership of its new CEO, Dr. Herbert Diess. “The Volkswagen Group is in robust shape in both operational and financial terms. Our strategy is gaining traction. We are systematically tackling the major automotive issues of the future. However, the longest part of our journey still lies ahead. The crucial years in our transformation have yet to come,” Diess said at the Annual General Meeting of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft in Berlin. As the speed of change in the auto industry continues to accelerate, the Volkswagen Group’s realignment based on Strategy 2025 must gather even greater momentum, Diess added. This is particularly the case for the cultural change at Volkswagen, which the new CEO believes is crucial for future corporate success. “In this regard, Volkswagen has to become more honest, more open, and more truthful. In other words: an upstanding corporate citizen,” the CEO underlined.

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