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  • Volkswagen donates 12 mobile charging stations and boosts the city's effort to expand its stationary fast-charging infrastructure and to turn Wolfsburg into a hotspot of e-mobility.
  • Dr. Herbert Diess underscores the tight bond that Volkswagen shares with the city of Wolfsburg and residents at the site of the Group’s headquarters.
  • Lord Mayor Klaus Mohrs sees a future in the development of smart mobility.

The CEO of Volkswagen AG, Dr. Herbert Diess, congratulated the city of Wolfsburg on its 80th anniversary today and gave it a truly electrifying gift to celebrate the occasion. The executive presented the city with 12 mobile charging stations and a long-term investment of in Wolfsburg’s electronic charging infrastructure that will be expanded step by step in accordance to the city’s needs – for a total amount of €10 million. Residents of the city can already see one of the charging stations: at Volkswagen’s booth set up as part of the festival being held on Porsche Street.

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