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Article series: Small helpers with big effects – Part 4 Trailer Assist – Manoeuvring a car with trailer simply, quickly and safely

  • Innovative assistance system for towing a trailer
  • Easy control thanks to integrated camera technology
  • Precise manoeuvring with a joystick to point the way

Driving with a trailer is a special challenge, even for practised car drivers. Above all, reversing manoeuvres can quickly become complicated and strenuous. Volkswagen offers help in precisely these types of situations with Trailer Assist, which simplifies the manoeuvring process considerably. Regardless of whether the task involves positioning a horse trailer in front of the right horse stall at an equestrian event or a caravan at a campsite. The system handles the steering while the driver accelerates and brakes the car-trailer combination. The driving direction is adjusted using the mirror adjustment switch. Easily, quickly and safely.

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