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  • The Beetle Sunshine Tour is one of the most important gatherings for aficionados of the original Beetle, New Beetle and the entire 21st Century Beetle Community in Europe
  • The event will see more than 200 vehicles parade through the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg for the very first time
  • On the way to becoming a classic: the first New Beetle models will be classed as contemporary classic cars this year

"2018 Beetle Sunshine Tour to Wolfsburg" – this was the motto on this Saturday for the 14th great Beetle, New Beetle and Beetle Community gathering. This year's event centred around the 20th anniversary of the New Beetle. A contemporary classic on the way to becoming a genuine classic. Like the original Beetle. Beetle, New Beetle and original Beetle – three generations of a compact, timeless Volkswagen with friends in all four corners of the world. Thousands of these aficionados flocked to Wolfsburg on saturday to celebrate one of the most likeable icons of automotive history.

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