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  • Volkswagen welcomes new recruits at Volkswagen Arena
  • Apprentices come from nine German states and Italy
  • 28 percent of career entrants throughout Germany are women
  • Almost every fourth budding specialist is completing a dual course of studies

Start of training in 2019: 1,400 career entrants started their dual vocational training or their dual course of studies with Volkswagen today. The 389 women and 1,011 men will train in one of six commercial and 23 technical vacations or complete one of 19 dual courses of studies. 85 of the new recruits are aiming to obtain a bachelors degree at a university. About 30% of the budding specialists at Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant are women, 28 percent of career entrants throughout Germany are women.

1,400 women and men start apprenticeship or dual courses of studies with Volkswagen

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