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Passat Alltrack

Technical data Passat Alltrack , Issue: 09.11.2017

Press releases

  • 10/18/17

    Let the sunshine in! The panoramic sunroof is a re-interpretation of the legendary folding soft top

    The days are growing shorter, the leaves are changing colour, and fall is making its appearance. Despite the season, a lot of Volkswagens are still bright as in summer. There is a tradition here. Ever since the company's early years, intelligent roof systems have been capturing the light of the sun even in wintertime. As early as in 1950, Volkswagen began to offer the Beetle with a folding sunroof. In the mid-1990s, this roof concept was refined in the Lupo and Polo with electrically actuated versions. Today, transparent panoramic sunroofs are experiencing a boom. They are available for all Volkswagen models – from the small up! and new Polo to the large Touareg and new Arteon.
  • 08/30/17

    Bye bye, hay fever! Volkswagen's "Air Care Climatronic" cleans the air

    Happily driving along, everyone in the car is in a good mood. Summer landscapes, forests and meadows pass by outside. But then the tranquillity is shattered by a shrill sneezing from the passenger compartment; the children rub their eyes and now the driver is sneezing, too. Trees, grass, pollen. Hay fever. These are all typical summer ordeals. According to the German Allergy Sufferers and Asthma Association (DAAB), about 20 per cent of all Germans will develop a pollen allergy in the course of their lives. One of the numerous allergy triggers are fungal spores, which are often present in outdoor air in the summer and autumn. In the light of this, Volkswagen has developed a special automatic climate control system, which prevents these pollutants from entering the car: "Air Care Climatronic".
  • 12/18/15

    This year Santa Claus is driving a Passat Alltrack

    Whether for frequent drivers or those who take the occasional holiday, the Passat Alltrack is simply the ideal vehicle. This versatile all-rounder offers excellent ride comfort, additional ground clearance, 4Motion four-wheel drive as standard and enough space for any amount of luggage. And thanks to the many kind spirits such as Front Assist, Lane Assist and the Driver Alert System, the Passat Alltrack is not only a sporty touring vehicle but also the perfect partner for off-road excursions. It's nice to see that Santa Claus has spotted this as well...
  • 09/28/15

    Launch of the new Passat GTE and Passat Alltrack

    Volkswagen is extending its Passat range, adding the GTE and Alltrack. These models are available immediately at German Volkswagen dealers.
  • 09/02/15

    The new Passat Alltrack

    Volkswagen has developed the new Passat Alltrack for all frequent leisure and business drivers who do not only drive on paved roads. The progressively designed all-rounder might also pull boat or horse trailers, covers long distances with effortless superiority and offers maximum connectivity. The estate and SUV crossover puts himself on the scene with individualized bumpers and flared wheel arches and transports – with a luggage capacity of up to 1,769 litres – the things needed in life.
  • 07/22/15

    Innovative head-up display for the new Passat

    One of the highlights of the eighth Passat generation is the new head-up display. It projects relevant trip data and alerts onto a high-quality slide-out pane positioned directly in the driver's field of vision. This technical innovation can now be ordered as an option for the whole Passat range – Passat Saloon, Passat Variant, Passat Alltrack and Passat GTE – at a price of € 560².
  • 02/24/15

    The new Passat Alltrack

    The latest generation of the Passat Alltrack* is celebrating its debut at this year's Geneva International Motor Show. Based on the new Passat Estate, the new Passat Alltrack impresses with an independent off-road look, 4MOTION permanent all-wheel drive and highly advanced technologies. The updated version confidently handles rough terrain, on the one hand, while simultaneously providing excellent cruising comfort – thanks to the driving profile selector and DCC adaptive chassis control.