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Technical data Passat, Passat Variant, Issue: 09.11.2017

Press releases

  • 10/24/17

    Personalisation – individual settings on demand Arteon, T-Roc, Golf & Co. "recognise" their drivers

    People are different. Some are tall, others are short; some like loud rock music, others may prefer classical; some actually freeze in summer, while others are too warm even in winter. If a number of people share one and the same car, each change of driver involves setting, altering and adjusting preferences. Now Volkswagen is putting a stop to all this. "Personalisation" in the true meaning of the word is the key here: the individual settings are allocated to a user name – Driver1, for example – and the respective car key activates them automatically. The personalisation function is already available for the new T-Roc and Arteon as well as all versions of the current Golf, Touran, Tiguan and Passat. As soon as these Volkswagen models are fitted with the feature known as driving profile selection and/or (depending on the model) with a memory function for the driver's seat, personalisation is also included.
  • 10/18/17

    Let the sunshine in! The panoramic sunroof is a re-interpretation of the legendary folding soft top

    The days are growing shorter, the leaves are changing colour, and fall is making its appearance. Despite the season, a lot of Volkswagens are still bright as in summer. There is a tradition here. Ever since the company's early years, intelligent roof systems have been capturing the light of the sun even in wintertime. As early as in 1950, Volkswagen began to offer the Beetle with a folding sunroof. In the mid-1990s, this roof concept was refined in the Lupo and Polo with electrically actuated versions. Today, transparent panoramic sunroofs are experiencing a boom. They are available for all Volkswagen models – from the small up! and new Polo to the large Touareg and new Arteon.
  • 08/30/17

    Bye bye, hay fever! Volkswagen's "Air Care Climatronic" cleans the air

    Happily driving along, everyone in the car is in a good mood. Summer landscapes, forests and meadows pass by outside. But then the tranquillity is shattered by a shrill sneezing from the passenger compartment; the children rub their eyes and now the driver is sneezing, too. Trees, grass, pollen. Hay fever. These are all typical summer ordeals. According to the German Allergy Sufferers and Asthma Association (DAAB), about 20 per cent of all Germans will develop a pollen allergy in the course of their lives. One of the numerous allergy triggers are fungal spores, which are often present in outdoor air in the summer and autumn. In the light of this, Volkswagen has developed a special automatic climate control system, which prevents these pollutants from entering the car: "Air Care Climatronic".
  • 07/04/17

    Volkswagen starts automotive business in Iran

    Volkswagen will begin the sale of vehicles in Iran in August. Initially, Volkswagen's Tiguan and Passat models are to be imported under a contract concluded with the Iranian automotive company Mammut Khodro. The Volkswagen brand will thus again have a presence in the Iranian market after more than 17 years, and is systematically developing further worldwide market potential.
  • 01/24/17

    Perfect visibility with no heating wires – the climate windscreen from Volkswagen

    Winter is here and every morning many motorists thus face the same problem: a frozen windscreen. Neither ice scraper nor de-icing spray provides the perfect solution. Volkswagen is offering a genuine alternative with the climate windscreen. It heats up without the use of any filament wires, thus providing perfect visibility. Any renewed misting or icing up is also prevented.
  • 06/16/16

    Stress-free manoeuvring with your trailer thanks to Trailer Assist

    Summer is garden and holiday time. So there is a lot to transport: from garden waste and building materials, the boat or motorcycle right up to the caravan to take on holiday – high season for every type of trailer. But manoeuvring with a trailer is not easy, especially for the occasional trailer-tower and can be an ordeal even for veterans. Because often the trailer does not respond as you would expect. The assistance system "Trailer Assist" ensures that difficult reversing manoeuvres succeed without the usual stress. This optional, easy to use assistance system takes the pressure off those who are travelling with trailers and trying to manoeuvre in confusing DIY-store car parks, small campsites or twisty harbour streets.
  • 06/03/16

    Retrofit of Volkswagen Passat, CC and Eos begins

    Today, Germany's Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) approved the technical solutions for the Volkswagen Passat, CC and Eos models with 2.0l TDI EA 189 engines. Over 800,000 vehicles affected by the diesel issue are now to be recalled as soon as possible. The affected owners will receive letters from Volkswagen and can then arrange a service appointment with a Volkswagen partner workshop without delay.
  • 07/22/15

    Innovative head-up display for the new Passat

    One of the highlights of the eighth Passat generation is the new head-up display. It projects relevant trip data and alerts onto a high-quality slide-out pane positioned directly in the driver's field of vision. This technical innovation can now be ordered as an option for the whole Passat range – Passat Saloon, Passat Variant, Passat Alltrack and Passat GTE – at a price of € 560².
  • 02/27/15

    2015 iF gold award for the new Passat

    The new Passat Saloon has received the 2015 iF gold award in the "Product" discipline. The highly prestigious award has long been considered a quality seal for excellence in design, and it was accepted this evening in Munich by Klaus Bischoff, Head of Volkswagen Design.
  • 12/03/14

    Euro NCAP awards maximum rating of 5 stars to the new Passat

    The independent European consumer protection organisation Euro NCAP awarded the new Passat the maximum rating of 5 stars. Thus, the eighth generation of the Passat is also considered to be one of the safest cars in the world. With this outstanding result, the new Passat follows its predecessor, which last earned the highest score in 2010.
  • 10/27/14

    Two distinctions for Volkswagen in the German Design Awards 2015

    'Discover, present and reward unique design trends' – this is the maxim which the German Design Council applies every year when selecting recipients for the German Design Awards, and for 2015 these will include two Volkswagen models: the new Passat and the T-ROC SUV concept.
  • 10/06/14

    To the point: The new Passat*

    Ten key facts about the new Passat: 1. Thanks to its innovative lightweight design, the new Passat is up to 85 kg lighter than the previous model. 2. All engines are new to the model range; they have been made up to 20 per cent more fuel efficient. 3. The most powerful diesel in the Passat is a new four-cylinder TDI delivering 176 kW / 240 PS. Fuel consumption: 5.3 l/100 km. 4. In 2015, this top-selling vehicle will be offered as the Passat GTE with a plug-in hybrid drive. System power: 160 kW / 218 PS. 5. In the top 'Highline' equipment line the new Passat has LED headlights as standard. 6. Making their debut in the Passat: City Emergency Braking function with Pedestrian¬ Monitoring, Trailer Assist, Traffic Assist and Emergency Assist. 7. The new Passat is the first Volkswagen with an Active Info Display and head-up display. 8. The new Passat makes its debut as the eighth generation of this top-selling vehicle, which has sold nearly 22 million units since 1973. 9. The model series is the Group's number one seller with up to 1.1 million Passat cars sold annually (2013; including derivatives). 10. The European launch begins in November. Further international markets follow successively from 2015.
  • 07/03/14

    World premiere of the new Volkswagen Passat*

    The impressive Volkswagen Design Centre in Potsdam served as the ideal setting for the world premiere of a world-wide best-seller: the new Passat. The most successful European business car makes its debut with new engines, less weight and not least with the latest assistance, Infotainment and convenience systems. The car melts away class boundaries.