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Volkswagen is on its way to ZERO. In concrete terms, this means: the company has committed itself to the targets of the Paris Agreement and the EU’s European Green Deal. The long-term goal is to become completely carbon-neutral by 2050. This is a marathon that starts with a sprint: Volkswagen’s goal for 2030 is to reduce emissions per vehicle in Europe by 40 percent compared to 2018, which means that each Volkswagen vehicle will then emit 17 tonnes less CO2 on average throughout its life-cycle. Volkswagen is eager to make a substantial contribution to mitigating climate change and, at the same time, become the most coveted brand for sustainable mobility.

Volkswagen Way to Zero Convention

Volkswagen is expanding its electric vehicle range at a fast pace

Strategy update at Volkswagen: “The transformation to electromobility was only the beginning”.

Carbon reduction in production and supply chains

Volkswagen is investing directly in renewable energy

Story: “What matters is the political framework”
Powering decarbonisation: Electricity from the wind (sample image).

Second-life concept and battery recycling

Battery recycling pilot plant
Heart of the pilot facility in Salzgitter: the crushers process the cells into granulates.